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  4. Controllo di revisione

Controllo di revisione

Collaborate and edit models with full transparency and a clear, unica fonte di verità

SkyCiv stores all changes and saves of your model to protect you from losing your hard work. Revision control also means you don’t have to share files around (things like Structure v2, Structure v3.2) where it is unclear which is the latest version.

Engineers can now collaborate on a single file, with a clear track of changes, saves, and contributors. This can be opened at any time from within the model under File – Gestisci versioni precedenti. This will open the following window (in S3D):

controllo di revisione

On the left is a column of all your previous saves, neatly outlined by date and contributor. Simply click a previous version to preview that version. When you’re ready to roll back an old version to restore, simply click the blue Restore this Version pulsante. Restored the wrong model? Simply click a more up-to-date model and restore that version! Full flexibility and control over your model to understand the progress and changes to your model.

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