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A number of useful tools are available to you in the Section Builder.

  • Change Mesh SizeChange the FEA mesh size for more or less granularity.
  • Immagine dello schermo – Screenshot the section.
  • Show All DimensionsShow all dimensions and dimension lines.
  • Hide All DimensionsHide all dimensions and dimension lines.

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Change Mesh Size

After calculating the section properties for your section, click on the ‘Show Meshbutton in the upper right hand corner of the results page. This will show the FEA mesh used to calculate the aforementioned properties. To change the granularity of the mesh, click on ‘Change Mesh Sizeand use the dropdown to change the mesh to a finer or less fine option.

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Immagine dello schermo

Click the ‘Screenshotbutton to bring up a pop up screen which includes a download link of a PNG image of your section.

Show All Dimensions

Per impostazione predefinita, every time you add a shape, the dimension lines of the most recently added shape will be shown. Per esempio, if you have 2 forme, only the dimension lines of the 2nd shape will be shown by default. Click the ‘Showbutton to turn on all the dimension lines for all the shapes.

Hide All Dimensions

Click the ‘Hidebutton to hide all of the dimension lines. You may want to do this to visualise your section without the clutter of the dimension lines, or possibly you want to take a screenshot of your section without the dimension lines being shown.

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