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An Base combinata is a long footing supporting two or more columns in one row. Combined footing are commonly used as alternative[1] when columns are spaced too closely that if isolated footing is provided the soil beneath may have a part of common influence zone and[2] bearing capacity of soil is such that isolated footing design will require extension of the column foundation to go beyond the property line.


figura 1. Base combinata

Fondazione SkyCiv (combined) has the following features:

  • Tabella riassuntiva dei valori e dei rapporti di controllo del progetto
  • Dettagliato, rapporto di calcolo passo passo (Download PDF o HTML).
  • Intuitive user-interface.
  • Provides dynamic graphical representation of the shear and moment.
  • Extensive documentation, solved examples, and blog posts to guide you throughout the software.
  • Dual screen features between Geometry and Analytical Diagrams.

Supports the following:

  • Fully code compliance with ACI 318 and AS3600.
  • Can solve Multiple foundations.
  • Computes Overturning Moment and Sliding Factor of safety
  • Can solve multiple load cases such as Dead, Vivere, Terremoto, Vento ed ecc.
  • Customization loads, materiale, reinforcement and design criteria.
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