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Houten schuur Frame


The purpose of this test case is to validate some of the analysis of a structure with custom sections with the inclusion of shear area in the analysis, specifiek:

  • Doorbuiging
  • Krachten/Momenten
  • Linear Analysis with Shear Area

The Structural 3D results were compared against a third-party analysis software.

Model instellen

The structure is a 46-node, 108-staafframestructuur ondersteund door vaste steunen. The building consists of timber sections from theNDS catalogue for Sawn Lumber. The sections are comprised of the default Oakwood properties as provided in Structural 3D.

Evaluatiepunten: 10
Oplossen:: Lineaire analyse

Timber barn frame

Timber barn frame sections

Analyse resultaten

Resultaat Plaats SkyCiv Derde partij Verschil
Moment Z Lid 403, Eindknooppunt 11.23510 kip-ft 11.23542 kip-ft -0.0028%
Moment Y Lid 205, Startknooppunt 0.04080 kip-ft 0.04081 kip-ft -0.0245%
Schuintrekken Y Lid 201, Startknooppunt 0.10824 kip 0.10825 kip -0.00924%
Schuintrekken Z Lid 304, Startknooppunt -0.00441 kip -0.00441 kip 0.00000%
Reactie Y Knooppunt 11 4.92805 kip 4.92806 kip 0.00000%
Reactie Y Knooppunt 2 2.54242 kip 2.54242 kip 0.00000%
doorbuiging X Knooppunt 6 0.01830 in 0.01830 in 0.00000%
doorbuiging Y Knooppunt 17 -0.02282 in -0.02282 in 0.00000%
Rotatie Z Knooppunt 19 0.00118 rad 0.00118 rad 0.00000%
Rotatie X Knooppunt 40 0.01398 rad 0.01398 0.00000%

Resultaat Screenshots

Timber barn frame displacements
Showing global deflection results in the Y without Shear Area

Timber barn frame displacements shear
Showing global deflection results in the Y with Shear Area

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