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Staal, Wood and Cold rolled design standards – standalone

SkyCiv offers its users standalone Design Software to check member and section sizing according to design codes/standards around the world.

At the moment SkyCiv offers the following codes/standards:

  1. ONS:
  2. Europa:
  3. Australië/NZ-normen:
    • NET ZO 4100;
    • NET ZO 4600-2005;
    • NET ZO 1720;
    • Nieuw-Zeeland 3404;
  4. Canadese normen:
  5. Britse normen:
    • BS 5950
  6. Indiase normen:
    • IS 800 (LSM en WSM)
  7. Maritiem:

Accessing the Software

To access the standalone software you can either Klik hier or click on the Ontwerp button in the side menu while logged in, as highlighted in rood in the figure below.

The standalone Design Software gives you the choice of five different combinations of codes/standards, dit zijn:

  1. AISC 360-10 ASD;
  2. AISC 360-10 LRFD;
  3. DNV 2.7-1 2006;
  4. DNV 2.7-1 2006 met AISC 360-10 ASD; en
  5. DNV 2.7-1 2006 met AISC 360-10 LRFD.

Once a code/standard is selected you will be prompted to chose a unit system of either Imperial or Metric as shown in the figure below.


Volledige ontwerprapportage

Having trouble with what to do once you’ve chosen your codes/standards? Check out the individual module pages under “Ontwerpmodules voor leden” which show an in-depth, step by step calculation report for each member. Available for AISC 360-10, AISI, AS4100 and AS4600 (komt binnenkort).

Shear-Connection-Design-Report-Volledige pagina

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