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Gedetailleerde opmerkingen App

Add team comments, tasks and important notes to your model, live.

We understand designing can be a collaborative effort, which is why we’ve added an app for Detailed Comments. This add-on allows you to add notes or tasks requiring a resolution to your model, as well as produce change reports, giving your team a clear history of notes taken for the project.

structural analysis live comments


This functionality can be toggled with a single click! To install this app, simply visit your Account instellingen en schakel de in Gedetailleerde opmerkingen App.


After opening the Detailed Comments app, you should see the following input window, which is where you will operate from:

detailed comments 2

Title each comment and add as long of a comment as you wish. Include a screenshot of what is currently shown in the model space for more information. As mentioned in the following section, push comments to other integrated apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Further Usage

This app can be used in conjuncture with the following other apps:

Microsoft-teams tonen alle opmerkingen die met deze app zijn toegevoegd

SkyCiv Comments and screenshots will appear within the Microsoft Teams App


Users can export a PDF report of these comments and changes at anytime by clicking the Rapport downloaden. This gives the project manager a clear history of the project as well as and unresolved issues that need to be reviewed. The report will also display the screenshots of the comments, who resolved the issues and the date at which the report was run. Your company logo will also display at the top of the page.





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