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Uw resultaten exporteren (Uitvoer)

Review and Export your results via a PDF Report

Your results can be exported in various output formats in SkyCiv Beam Software. Simply hover over the ‘Resultsheading at the top to reveal options to export your results:

  • PDF Analysis Report
  • Exporteren naar CSV

SkyCiv Beam-resultaten

PDF Analysis Report

The PDF Analysis report option creates a downloadable PDF of your results. Selecting this option will open a pop-up with options to pick out all or some of the results to be reported on. Click ‘Export’ to generate the PDF.

SkyCiv Beam PDF
You can view a sample PDF file hier.

Export To CSV

The Export to CSV option creates a file of comma-separated values (CSV) for your analysis results. All analysis results for lengths along the beam are exported with this option and downloaded in a ‘SkyCivBeamResults.csv’ file.

You can view a sample CSV file hier.

Project Report Manager

SkyCiv Beam now allows you to save reports alongside your files. Reports are automatically saved to your cloud storage when they are generated in the software. This means that you don’t need to resolve your model to access the reports. To ensure that your project reports are saved ensure that you first save your model to cloud storage. You can then access the reports via het dossier > Rapportmanager.


SkyCiv Beam Project Reports

Gratis Beam Calculator

Get a glimpse of what SkyCiv Beam has to offer by trying our Gratis Beam Calculator vandaag! The tool is now available with better UI and more functions to allow quicker and more accurate results!

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