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Uncertainties in the methods of predicting allowable or ultimate loads on piles are reflected in the information available to designers in the various codes of practice which cover pile foundation. SkyCiv Foundation module offers an innovative and a user-friendly interface for the design and analysis of a single pile.

SkyCiv Foundation has the following features:

  • Übersichtstabelle der Bemessungswerte und -verhältnisse
  • Detailliert, Schritt-für-Schritt-Berechnungsbericht (PDF- oder HTML-Download)
  • Provides graphical representation of the horizontal geotechnical capacity for laterally loaded piles

Supports the following

  • Rectangular or round reinforced concrete pile
  • Multiple soil layers and soil types
  • Position of the pile head can be specified below or above the natural grade line
  • Calculates the vertical bearing capacity
  • Buckling analysis of fully and partially embedded pile
  • Elastic analysis of a laterally loaded pile
  • Analysis of the axial, shear and flexural capacities in accordance with the American Concrete Institute (ACI 318-2014) or Australian Standards (WIE 2159 und 3600)


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