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  3. 欧洲规范 3 会员设计

欧洲规范 3 会员设计

Steel Member Design software for Eurocode 3 (在 1993-1-1:2005)

Among the many design standard SkyCiv offers, is Eurocode 3 (或EN 3) – Design of steel structures. With this software, you can design common steel shapes with the following features:

  • 工字形, HSS形状 (RHS, SHS, CHS) 和渠道
  • 基于部分类的极限极限状态和可维护性检查 1,2,3 和 4
  • 设计阻力检查张力, 压缩, 剪力, 弯曲 (长轴和短轴)
  • 合力的设计阻力检查, 屈曲 (压缩和横向扭转)
  • PDF设计报告 (自定义徽标 企业)
  • 查看模型的容量结果 (整合版)
  • 导入和应用多种载荷组合 (整合版) 从EC0和EC1
  • 全面验证 与第三方结果

版 1 – 集成

This module is fully integrated with our powerful structural analysis software analysis 允许工程师进行建模, analyse and design with one model. 只需单击一下, the software will pull your entire model and test each member against the criteria of the Standard to determine whether or not it passes/fails the requirements of these European Standards. 负荷, members and design parameters will automatically be imported for you, you can also directly import the Load Combinations directly from EN 1990.

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版 2 – 单机版

独立软件是指免费 欧洲规范 3, 允许工程师根据澳大利亚标准和标准设计钢构件.

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