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Engineers often need to roll back old files or may need to get access to a file that they have lost. SkyCiv has processes in place to ensure you don’t lose any of your hard-earned work or can resort to old files if you ever need to.

How can I get access to an old file or previous version?

SkyCiv records all the revisions of your files, so as you build your structure you can roll back a previous version. This also means you only need one file, and don’t need to make constant copies and changes to filenames, 例如. Project v1 or Project v2 final. You project is stored as one clean file, yet contains all previous revisions for you to access at anytime. You can also track who made the changes to your file if you have it shared with other members of your team. It’s easy to roll back a previous version, simply open the file and visit 文件 -> 管理以前的版本 which will open up a popup, allowing you to roll back saved versions. The version you are currently on will still remain.



SkyCiv将用户的文件存储在我们的安全服务器上, 隐藏在公共场所之外. 如果丢失任何信息,每天都会备份这些文件, corrupted or if you accidentally delete a file you need. Simply email us and we can locate and restore your file for you.


我们了解,对于工程师而言,保留先前项目的文档和存储很重要. SkyCiv不会删除您的文件 – 即使您已取消订阅. You can also export the entire contents of your model 文件 -> 出口 -> JSON格式 and store them locally, 因此您随时随地都可以拥有文件.

Reporting is also a great way to store the model setup and results of your projects. Having a hard or soft pdf copy is a great way to archive some of the structures you have built in the event you ever need to look back at the analysis. These reports have timestamps, designer names, software version, model setup and results clearly defined so everything is well recorded.

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