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  1. SkyCiv结构3D
  2. 报告中
  3. 用户定义的屏幕截图


SkyCiv 在其分析报告中提供了结构结果的有用摘要.

只需点击 报告 左侧的菜单按钮打开弹出窗口.

Having the ‘User Defined Screenshotsoption selected allows you to include any screenshots you’ve previously taken into your report. Take a look at the Example below.

1) Take a screenshot of your structure with the screenshot button. Save the screenshot.

2) Ensure that the structure has been solved. If it hasn’t, then click solve. 点击 报告 menu button on the left. Check the box for ‘User Defined Screenshotsto bring up a menu on the right. Click the ‘Front Viewscreenshot you just saved to include it. Export to PDF.

3) After you open the PDF, you’ll notice that the screenshot has been included in a section of your report.

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