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  1. 详细的壳有限元分析
  2. 梁和杆件壳有限元分析 – 入门
  3. 壳牌有限元分析会员简介


壳牌有限元分析会员 software provides a swift and user-friendly platform for determining the capacity of general steel members using the finite element method. 它为工程师提供了深入结构行为分析的综合工具, 模拟精确的应力分布, 塑性变形, 单元屈曲, 和失败. 该软件不受设计代码依赖的影响, 通过线性和非线性分析进行真实的模拟, 其中涵盖材料和几何非线性并考虑几何缺陷. 用户可以有效优化会员配置, 开口, 板厚, 加劲肋布局, 和限制. 这种高水平的建模和分析消除了复杂的 CAD 建模和深入分析计算的需要. 整个建模过程利用了智能, 参数化输入系统与模拟自动化相结合. 该软件适合各种专业水平的工程师, 无限制.


Simulation process: 几何 > 网格划分 > Properties and Loads > 结果

Investigate all types of failure

The Member Shell FEA offers comprehensive tools to delve deep into both local and global buckling phenomena of individual plates and the entire member. It highlights areas of plastic strain, points of stress concentration, and provides real-time failure status. 另外, the software presents a series of load-displacement curves, instrumental in identifying the critical force thresholds, thereby ensuring optimal structural performance and safety


具有交互式 3D 视图和用于快速创建和分析模型的强大工具的图形用户友好界面.


Tools for modeling of members with different configurations, including communication with AutoCAD.


Flexible tools for model meshing


SkyCiv Beam 软件 FEA 更新

Tools for modeling web local and global imperfections.


Tools for modeling different type of loads and boundaries.



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