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SkyCiv 在其分析报告中提供了结构结果的有用摘要.

只需点击 报告 左侧的菜单按钮打开弹出窗口.

Having the ‘Member Resultsoption selected will include results at different points along each member of your structure. This includes internal member forces and moments (轴向力, 剪力, 扭力, 和时刻), member displacements about the global axes (length and rotation), member displacements about the local axes (length and rotation), and member stresses.

There are also highlighted cells, so you can easily identify the max and min results in the structure.

green cells denote the 最低(s)

red cells are the maximum(s) for that particular result.

例如, the red cell highlighted under Z Moment would be the maximum Z Moment in the entire structure. Here is an example of internal member forces presentation, with the aforementioned color scheme:

member results 1

Note how at the top of the table, there is an indicator of what the Red and Green cells are defined as. 在这个例子中, they are the max and min in the whole project. You can change this option so that it highlights the max and min values for each member. Within the Analysis Report options page, click the dropdown ‘Highlight Max/Min Valuesto select the intended option:

member results 2

The default number of results at each member is 9, spaced evenly, but this can be increased or decreased in the settings under ‘Evaluation Points per Member’.

member results 3

Member Buckling Results

SkyCiv 在其分析报告中提供了结构结果的有用摘要.

只需点击 报告 左侧的菜单按钮打开弹出窗口.

If you performed a 线性静态 + 屈曲 分析, you have the option to select the ‘Member Buckling Results’ option in the reporting pop-up. It provides a tabulated summary of all the members which are buckling. The table will have results for critical load, 实际长度, 有效长度 (local z and y directions). 看下面的例子. Check out our Software Documentation on 线性静态 + 屈曲 analysis if you want more information.

屈曲 1

After solving, open up the Analysis Report options and tick on ‘Member Buckling Analysis

member results 4

The results will show in the report as follows:

是的 没有