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质量, accurate and reliable software is at the foundation of what we do

在SkyCiv, we’re serious about quality control. 作为工程师, we understand the importance of reliability and delivering a safe product to clients. Our development is all done in-house by qualified engineers to ensure the highest quality product. We also have a dedicated Quality Assurance Engineer whose sole role is to implement controls and procedures to protect the quality of our software.

Above all this, we have well-established quality control processes that ensure the accuracy of our results. For peace of mind, we’ve listed below some of the processes we have in place to ensure the quality of our products:

Auto-solver checker

Before releasing any update, we run an auto-solver checker. This will run through 多于 1,000 test models, testing the results of our solver with known values. This will check that every single result of these files (反应, 剪切力, 压力, 偏转, 屈曲等。) are consistent with a known value. 由于其中一些结构非常大且不同, 这将从字面上将数以千万计的结果与已知值进行比较. 除非此求解器在以下位置签出,否则我们不会发布更新 100%.



除此之外, 我们添加了自动 UI, design module and further analysis checks that run on a weekly basis. These unit checks ensure both the UI and solver are working and communicating correctly.


Our software is verified and tested against other software and known results. Our verification models can be viewed at anytime in our documentation for our Solver (see S3D verification models) 和设计 (例如, 看到我们的 AISC steel member verification report). We are constantly adding more of these for design codes to publicly display the verification of our design and analysis software.


我们不断添加更多这些用于设计代码,以公开展示我们的设计和分析软件的验证. 我们不断添加更多这些用于设计代码,以公开展示我们的设计和分析软件的验证. 我们不断添加更多这些用于设计代码,以公开展示我们的设计和分析软件的验证. 我们也感谢用户让我们知道此类错误,以便我们可以进一步改善每个人的体验.


我们也感谢用户让我们知道此类错误,以便我们可以进一步改善每个人的体验 – 超过 8 我们也感谢用户让我们知道此类错误,以便我们可以进一步改善每个人的体验 solves and counting. 我们也感谢用户让我们知道此类错误,以便我们可以进一步改善每个人的体验, 我们也感谢用户让我们知道此类错误,以便我们可以进一步改善每个人的体验, 我们也感谢用户让我们知道此类错误,以便我们可以进一步改善每个人的体验. 我们也感谢用户让我们知道此类错误,以便我们可以进一步改善每个人的体验. 我们也感谢用户让我们知道此类错误,以便我们可以进一步改善每个人的体验.

SkyCiv has also undergone third party scrutinising in order to be on a number of approved software lists. 例如, SkyCiv经过了超过 30 test cases to get on the Hong Kong Building Department’s pre-accepted Structural Software list.

由工程师建造, 给工程师

我们的内部产品开发团队完全由合格的结构和机械工程师组成. With years of experience in hands-on Structural Analysis and Design, 我们的团队确切地知道他们正在建造什么. 这确保了产品开发和技术知识之间没有差距; 全部整合. 质量还取决于我们的软件完全完全由内部构建的事实, 由全职SkyCiv员工 – 没有任何外包可以确保我们的产品保持更高的标准.

我们的团队也对软件的每个角落都充满热情. 我们将花费数小时计划和构建功能,以确保其按我们期望的方式运行. I believe anyone who has used our software can see the close attention to detail we put into making the software intuitive, 功能强大且使用愉快.


SkyCiv’s design modules are all open with full step-by-step calculations in a professional PDF format. This allows engineers to review the full calculations, 假设, result criteria and clearly labelled Design Code references so you can track exactly what is being calculated by our design software. This ensures the quality of our design software, as engineers can review and check the logic and calculations are correct. 点击这里 AISC样本 360 设计报告 from SkyCiv’s Structural 3D software.

Learn more at our full article: SkyCiv’s Quality Assurance

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