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  1. 详细的壳有限元分析
  2. 建模和网格划分
  3. 主要部分 (壳牌有限元分析会员)

主要部分 (壳牌有限元分析会员)

Each member has a starting section i and an ending section j. A section consists of lines defined by two nodes, X,y in the section’s plane. Each line possesses a distinct thickness t and belongs to a specific material group. The reference point for x,y coordinates can be chosen arbitrarily in space for each section. The number of lines in each section must be consistent. Data for the table can either be entered manually or imported from an Excel sheet. 另外, section shapes can be imported from a DXF file stored on the user’s PC.

Update t: The common thickness can be changed for selected group of lines

Update Mat.: The common material group can be changed for selected group of lines

Data from DXF.: Select a DXF file from your PC. Choose the desired layer for section items. The reference point determines the origin for the X, coordinates. Use the factor to scale section coordinates to millimeters. A default thickness will be applied to all lines, which can be modified later. 支持的 DXF 实体包括: 线路, 折线, 弧线, 和样条线. 对于圆弧和样条线, 指定分段划分以匹配首选网格尺寸.


整个构件可以用单个长度 L 或一系列线段 Li 表示. 与段数无关, 起始和结束剖面线将具有与“轮廓”选项卡中定义的相同的坐标. 每个部分还可以有不同的 Y 位置.

对于每个段,其中 大号 不等于 0, the thickness for a group of plates can be updated in the ‘Updated plate t column’. 通过去 0 to hide the plate and a value greater than 0 to modify the thickness (Ť).

For segment sections, a diaphragm can be added if the ‘Polygontype is chosen. To specify one or more diaphragms, select the lines composing the shape. Only one line-gap closure is permitted to form the shape.

Holes can also be incorporated within the diaphragm. 去做这个, define the hole shapes by selecting the corresponding lines that encompass the holes.

If a diaphragm is specified, then flanges or stiffeners can also be defined by selecting their associated lines. Each flange or stiffener has a starting and ending width (11,b2), 厚度 Ť, and material group.



When arranging edges within a diaphragm, they can be factored into the meshing pattern. 例如, a situation may arise where a longitudinal stiffener is connected to a vertical one. In such scenarios, the ‘inner edgesoption should be activated. 然而, if the vertical stiffener is not attached to anything, this option can be deactivated.




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