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Controles de teclado e mouse

Speed up your modeling with these handy keyboard/mouse controls, atalhos, and tips

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are just some of the keyboard shortcuts to make your data entry faster.

  • Selecione os membros que você deseja repetir + S: Salve 
  • Selecione os membros que você deseja repetir + N: Novo
  • Selecione os membros que você deseja repetir + COM: Desfazer
  • Selecione os membros que você deseja repetir + Y: Redo
  • Selecione os membros que você deseja repetir + UMA: Select All
  • Selecione os membros que você deseja repetir + D: Suprimindo e mudando sua estrutura Repita (Duplicate)
  • Selecione os membros que você deseja repetir + C: Suprimindo e mudando sua estrutura Repita (selected parts of the structure)
  • Selecione os membros que você deseja repetir + V: Paste (part of the structure copied)
  • N: Nós
  • M: Membros
  • E: Seções
  • O: Momentos
  • P: Point Loads
  • D: Cargas Distribuídas
  • você: Apoia
  • B: Back Button / Exit Form
  • Delete: Delete members or plates after they are selected.
  • Esc: Cancel the current processing operation.

If at any point, you would like to see the list of shortcuts that we offer, vamos para Help > S3D Shortcuts and Tips as shown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen:


Here is a snapshot of the shortcuts and tips that help users expedite their modeling process:


Mouse Controls

SkyCiv has built out a range of features that make the modeling process extremely and fast and easy. One of these great sets of mouse click functions, that once used to, can allow users to mock up a model with a few clicks.

Existem várias ferramentas à sua escolha. These can be accessed by clicking the pen icon to launch the following great tools:

Click the pen icon to access these different mouse controls

Default Tool

The default tool, denoted by the cross-hair mouse icon, tem as seguintes características:

  • Clique + Drag between nodes to create a member. Hold a number to create a member with that number’s section ID:
  • Com Pratos menu open: Click between nodes to create a plate:
  • Hold CTRL + Drag to multi-select:
  • RotatingLeft click and drag to rotate your structure.
  • PanningRight-click and drag to pan. alternativamente, usar Shift + Clique esquerdo.
  • Zoom – Role o mouse para frente/para trás para aumentar/diminuir o zoom do modelo.
  • Selecione – Clique com o botão esquerdo em um membro/nó/placa/suporte/carregar.
  • Seleção múltipla – Selecione os membros que você deseja repetir + Clique esquerdo.
  • Criar membro – Nó inicial do clique esquerdo, arraste para o nó final, e solte no nó final.
  • Clique em membro, simplesmente modele a seguinte conexão, ou qualquer outro objeto para visualizar/editar/excluir
  • Clique no membro para ver apenas esse resultado (Somente após a resolução)
  • Selecione os membros que você deseja repetir + Clique: Seleção de vários objetos
  • Rolagem + S: Resultado/Cargas da Escala

Observação: Se o zoom não funcionar no Chrome, tente verificar as extensões

Dicas rápidas com destaque

Clique e arraste em qualquer direção fará algo diferente!

Click and drag to the RIGHT will select qualquer coisa que entre em contato com a caixa.

Click and drag to the LEFT will destacar qualquer coisa que esteja inteiramente dentro da caixa. Ambos podem ser vistos na imagem abaixo.

Ferramenta Desenhar

  • Passe o mouse ou clique em um nó, isto se tornará seu Nó de Referência, from here you can use the Snap/grade to plot a node:
  • Com o Conectar membro tickbox selected, você pode remover um nó e conectar os nós como um membro:
  • A caixa Comprimento exibirá automaticamente o comprimento da distância do nó de referência (e, portanto, o comprimento do membro). A qualquer momento, você pode inserir um comprimento e pressionar Enter, ou clique, para aplicar o comprimento do membro.
  • Insira um comprimento e clique no (trancar) ícone para bloquear o comprimento. Agora você pode criar membros fixos neste comprimento.

Ferramenta Agarrar

  • Clique e arraste um nó para movê-lo e encaixá-lo em um ponto de referência:

Clique com o botão direito (Rápido) Reparos

SkyCiv has introduced a couple of quick repair functions that allow users to easily detect and repair issues with your model. This is slightly different from SkyCiv’s Modelo de reparo functionality which will repair your entire model. This is focused on your highlighted elements that the user can easily identify. Por exemplo, two nodes closely together can be merged using the Merge Nodes feature. Here is the full list of quick repairs that are automatically detected by the software when you highlight and right-click parts of your structure.

Merge Nodes

Notice you have two nodes that are really close. It’s a fairly common problem and may cause disconnects in your model. Basta destacar os nós (CTRL + CLICK & DRAG) then right-click and click Merge Nodes:

Intersecting Members

Sometimes members can be drawn over one another. Although difficult to notice, these can have disastrous effects on your model, as that model will have a double up and will overestimate the strength of that member (by a factor of 2). Simply highlight the overlapping members and right-click. The software will automatically detect the members as overlapping. To repair this simply clicks Merge Overlapping Members to merge the two members. It should look something like this:

Overlapping Members

Sometimes you want to split (and connect) members by their intersection. Lembrar, membros are only connected if they have a common node. So if you have two intersecting members with no common node, they are not connected. Novamente, highlight the members and right-click to repair this and add a node at the point of their intersection. Para fazer isso, simply right-click and click Membros da intersecção. This will add a node at the intersection and separate the members into smaller elements:

Membro dividido

A useful tool that allows you to add a node and split the member based on some input. Members can be split based on intersecting nodes, intersecting members, number of sections, or at a location along with the member:

Have any other issues you’d like to have added to this list? Let us know at [email protected]


Copy and Paste

Às vezes, there are parts of the structure that repeat at different locations and the duplicate functionality is not enough for speeding up the process. Having the possibility of easily copying and pasting parts of the structure to the same model or to a new one can help to save a lot of time during modeling. The copy and paste functionality works pretty similarly to how it works in a text editor, the first step is to select what to copy and hit Ctrl+C (no entanto é importante entender que esta operação não os conectou + C in Mac), then decide and select the place where it is going to be pasted, and finally hit Ctrl+V (no entanto é importante entender que esta operação não os conectou + V in Mac) to paste it to the desired location.

Copying the model as text

Given that the model of the structure in S3D is represented in the background by a JSON object, once Ctrl+C (no entanto é importante entender que esta operação não os conectou + C in Mac) the software will write the representation of the selected model in JSON format to the clipboard. It is possible to paste that information to any text editor, either for developing purposes or to quickly edit the model by searching and replacing some text.

SkyCiv S3D copy and paste a model to a text editor

Copying parts of a model to the same model

If some parts of the model need to be copied to some other location, the following steps are required:

  1. Drag-select the parts of the model to copy (nós, membros, apoia, cargas, etc…). If there are some parts of the selection you want to exclude, right-click and go toFilter Selection
  2. Hit Ctrl + C. An alert should pop up telling that the structure was successfully copied to the clipboard and also the reference node’s ID.
  3. Along with the alert, a bubble will appear around the reference node in the model.
  4. Let the software know where to paste the copied structure. For this, existem duas opções:
    Select a node in the model that will match the location of the reference node once the structure is pasted, ou
    Do not select anything and type a coordinate where the reference node should be once the structure is paste
  5. Hit Ctrl + V. The structure will be placed at the location selected in the previous step
    SkyCiv S3D copy and paste parts of the structure
  6. If the changes are not as desired, it is always possible to Undo them, simply hit Ctrl+Z or go to Edit > Desfazer

Copying parts of a model to a new model

If a model or parts of it need to be used in a new model, there is no need tosave as”, simply select the parts of the structure to copy, hit Ctrl + Z then open a new model in another tab or window and hit Ctrl + V there to paste the structure.

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