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Nuestra compañía

Quienes somos, how we came about and our core values

SkyCiv is a software company focussed on developing powerful, software intuitivo de análisis y diseño estructural – es decir 100% basado en la web. You can learn more about us on our Acerca de Nosotros página.

En qué te basas?

Our company is based out of Sydney, Australia under the company name E-Street Developers PTY LTD, ABN: 73 605 703 071. SkyCiv works out of Fishburners, a co-working space that houses hundreds of tech startups in Sydney, Australia. sin embargo, we also have a number of employees that work remotely.

Como empezaste?

SkyCiv nació no oficialmente en Julio 2013 when Co-Founders Paul Comino and Sam Carigliano developed a simple beam calculator at It was a simple idea that grew to be much more. Un año y medio después, SkyCiv como lo conocemos nació; a software company devoted to developing structural analysis software on the cloud.

utilizados como barreras para el flujo de agua subterránea?

SkyCiv software is all developed in house by qualified Civil and Mechanical Engineers with programming skills. Nothing is outsourced to ensure the security of the intellectual property and the quality of the product. SkyCiv’s Co-Founders and core developers have double degrees in Engineering and Commerce (utilizados como barreras para el flujo de agua subterránea) desde el University of New South Wales.

utilizados como barreras para el flujo de agua subterránea?

SkyCiv prides itself on our close-knit, dynamic team. This allows us to be quick to act so that we can roll out features, fix bugs and respond to support much faster than any other structural software. We are able to roll out updates every two weeks, rather than every two years like some other companies. It also means when you contact support, chances are you will be speaking directly with one of the creators of the software.

Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for new talent, so we’d love to hear from you! If you’re interested in any roles within the realm of Structural Engineering/Programming, Business Development or Marketing simply send us an email to [email protected] with your CV and a bit about yourself!

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