When talking about engineering software, PC has been dominant for many years as most software only run on Windows system. But what about Mac users? There has been a rising obsession with Apple products, and the trend seems to be continuing. In the workforce, despite PC’s incumbent dominance, more and more people are choosing Mac over PC.
Apple Mac Os in workplace
Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between engineering and Mac. Today let’s take a look at the top 5 engineering software which work on Mac:

1. SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro
Formally known as Google Sketchup, Sketchup Pro is a 3D modelling software that has a wide range of applications, including civil and mechanical engineering. SketchUp prides itself to be a very easy-to-use CAD software that can be used from early stages of design to the end of construction. It works on both Windows and Mac OS, and the intuitive interface has drawn a big community around it. Currently only license purchase is available for the Pro version.

2. AutoCAD

As a software giant in the engineering world, Autodesk makes software across the manufacturing, architecture, building, and construction industries. After many years focusing only on Windows development, it has recently caught up with the Mac development. Among all Mac-compatible products, AutoCAD is the most popular one. Software is purchased with yearly subscription.

3. SkyCiv

SkyCiv is a leading structural engineering software that provides a full-suite structural design and analysis software. As it’s fully cloud-based thus can work on any devices (fully compatible with Mac). The software covers all kinds of needs in structural engineering, from structural analysis, integrated design checks, 3D rendering, to section builder etc. Payment is flexible with both monthly and yearly subscription available.

4. OnShape

Challenging SolidWorks, OnShape is a fast-growing modern CAD system. It aims to solve the disconnection between the modelling tools and design data which slows down engineers’ work. As it’s also a cloud-based software, it works seamlessly with the Mac platform. Currently only yearly subscription is available.

5. SimScale

As a full-cloud engineering software, SimScale allows users to test, validate, and optimize their designs through Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis and Thermal Analysis via a web browser. As there’s nothing to download, it works perfectly with Mac OS platform. It has three tiers of pricing that includes Community, Professional, and Enterprise.

Technology makes engineers life easier

For a very long time, engineers with a Mac computer have been frustrated with the incompatible issue of most engineering software with OS system. With the advancement of secured cloud technology, it’s now possible to do design, analysis and simulations on Mac, directly via your browser!
Zoe Liang Marketing Manager
Zoe Liang
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