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SkyCiv Section Builder Software Features

SkyCiv Section Builder

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    • Built-Up Sections with Multiple Shapes
    • Composite Sections with Multiple Materials
    • Template Shapes
    • International Catalogs of Sections
    • Save and Load Your Sections
    • Custom Shapes - via points
    • Custom Shapes - via a line path
    • Custom Shapes - via a DXF import
    • Holes and Cutouts
    • Rotate, Translate, and Mirror
    • Calculate Geometric Properties
    • Calculate Bending Properties
    • Calculate Shear Properties
    • Calculate Torsion Properties
    • Transformed Section Properties
    • Torsion Constant via FEA
    • Warping Constant via FEA
    • Built in screenshot and dimension hide/show tools.

Cloud Based Section Property Analysis Software

SkyCiv Section Builder is a comprehensive section property analysis software that allows you to analyse geometric, bending, shear, and torsion properties. Build your sections out of multiple shapes from templates, or define your own via points, line paths, or a DXF import from CAD! Model and analyse your sections faster than ever!

SkyCiv Engineering Software is all online. This allows users to access their programs and files from a web browser. Work from anywhere, anytime! No need to install or update the program. This is a cost effective solution with no further costs such as maintenance or updates.

Standard Templates and Database of Sections

Several templates available to get you started!
  • Choose from:
    • Rectangular/Square
    • Hollow Rectangular/Square
    • Circular
    • Hollow Circular
    • I-beam
    • T-beam
    • L-beam
    • Channel
    • Triangular
    • Hollow Triangular *NEW*
    • Box Girder *NEW*
  • Change dimensions via the form or dimension lines!
  • Tap into an international database of sections from America, Australia, Britain, and Europe.

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