SkyCiv is excited to release Version 1.2 of its Structural 3D Software! SkyCiv is committed to being the best online structural analysis software, which is why we have continually been adding features to the software over the past few months. These include:

  • Datasheet for easy entry
  • The release of SkyCiv File Manager - allowing users to copy, move, organise and even share files between users
  • The inclusion of mid member loadings and moments
  • Load Combinations and Self Weight
  • Buckling Analysis

So as you can see there have been a vast number of improvements over the last couple months, and with our newest update (to Version 1.2) we have even more! View the list below to see the updates of Structural 3D and how they can help simplify your structural analysis today!

Faster Solving Times

SkyCiv has seriously beefed up its server speed as well as optimised the solving times for all Truss, Frame and Structural 3D solving. We are proud to announce a 800% reduction in solving time! SkyCiv's state of the art servers are now using the processing power of multiple computers to solve your structure! Rather than have your one computer compute the results, SkyCiv bundles more than 10 computers to run the analysis in a fraction of the time - putting less strain on your computer and wasting less of your time waiting for lengthy solving times!


Improved Graphic Performance

You may have also noticed that SkyCiv's graphics have had a total rebuild. The drawing time on large structures have reduced drastically; meaning improved responsiveness between user and graphics. If there were any lag times in the past, these have been completely eliminated! Structural 3D can now draw and interact with the structure graphics with no lag time or strain on your computer's resources.

Interaction with Graphics

SkyCiv has simplified and improved the way users can interact with their structural model. The following improvements have been introduced to the GUI to simplify and speed up your work process.

  • Click on Nodes, Members, Loads and Supports to edit
  • Click and Drag to select multiple elements at a time - for faster deleting
  • Click and Drage nodes to create members
  • POST-PROCESSING: Click a single member to view that result only; making it easier to view single results for key elements
  • POST-PROCESSING: Click and drag over multiple members to view those results only


We have also included some simple key commands that will help users speed up the process of modelling and analysis:

  • Ctrl + S: Save
  • Ctrl + N: New
  • Ctrl + Click: Multiple Select
  • N: Nodes
  • M: Members
  • E: Sections
  • O: Moments
  • P: Point Loads
  • D: Distributed Loads
  • U: Supports
  • B: Exit Form
  • Ctrl + S: Scale Result/Loads

Improved Reporting and Screenshots

We have also made some extensive improvements to our reporting and screenshots! The reporting now features a screenshot of your structure so you can easily identify the project on the front page! It can also be downloaded as a pdf - ready to be stored away on your computer or to be sent to a client or colleague. Click Here to view a sample report.

You can also now screenshot your work on any browser at anytime! It will automatically save a .png file and add your image to the file's Camera Roll. This way you can download the image at any time or include it in your reporting.

SkyCiv is committed to continually improve our products and services! Click here to register for a free account and trial SkyCiv Structural 3D today! Or think there's a feature you'd really love to see? Let us know on our contact us page.

Sam Carigliano CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
Sam Carigliano
CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
BEng (Civil), BCom