SkyCiv has just released their latest update which includes Custom Reporting in PDF format for SkyCiv Structural 3D and SkyCiv Beam. Included in this update is the ability to generate Single Member Reports using SkyCiv Structural 3D. Basically, you can build a 3D structure and export single member analysis reports in a clean and easy format.

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We have had a lot of amazing feedback regarding the clean, simple result output from SkyCiv Beam. So we decided to add this functionality to Structural 3D! You can now export clean, graphical analysis of each member in your structures! The reports are generated in PDF format so the document can be printed and shared easily. This feature is currently in BETA and has been released to everyone to try!

So what is Single Member Reporting exactly? Well, you know how traditional analysis reports spit out pages of numbers and results? SkyCiv's single member reports avoid this by delivering a single page analysis for each member. What you get is a one page member summary of all the results and graphs in a clean and concise manner. All your member analysis on a single page. Simple and clean.

The following is an example of a Single Member Report of an Engine Crane - focussing on the critical axial member:

An example of a Structural Analysis Page generated using SkyCiv Structural 3D

The single member report has unlimited applications, many engineers use it for certification/design requirements. For instance, a certifying engineer may require you to show the stress concentrations and/or section and material properties of each member of a structure. This report allows you to display a number of stress graphs, a stress summary table and a screenshot of the Section Properties in a matter of seconds! This allows you to free your time up by not having to develop such complex reports. Click here for more examples of How SkyCiv Single Member Reports are useful.

Sam Carigliano CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
Sam Carigliano
CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
BEng (Civil), BCom