SkyCiv was born out of a need for innovation in the structural analysis software space, with 21st century engineers demanding software that is time and equipment efficient. As a company founded to meet the needs of the modern engineer, SkyCiv's cutting edge software is efficient, dynamic, and powerful. In this article, we will explore what defines our product roadmap and how we go about bringing these features to our users:   featureRequests

Our Users

Our most valuable asset is our users. Since day one, we have let our users guide the direction of the product. Who better to design a product than those who use it every day? Designing a completely new software allowed us (with the help of our users) to build a product based on market demand. We edit existing software based on user feedback, essentially creating a hybrid structural engineering software.

Feature Request

To further encourage active conversation with our users, we have implemented an easy-to-use Feature Request dialogue within the interface. Users can submit a guided form that allows them to document exactly what portion of the software they would like added. We also speak to users everyday via online communication, gaining feedback and insight about their usage.   Feature request ticket at skyciv


Once an idea or feature suggestion is proposed by a user, our product managers and development team meet monthly and prioritize requests. This is based on number of suggestions, industry trends and prerequisites for the functionality (for instance non-linear analysis is a prerequisite for cable analysis). Each initiative is given a place in queue as we work through the list, developing a roadmap and timeline to bring enhancements live.


We believe in playing to our strengths, which is why we have our internal structural engineers focus on their areas of expertise. For instance, one of our internal product developers, Michael, is a Senior Structural Engineer. He focuses on features such as the AISC 360 design module which requires an experienced professional in Structural Design. Another product developer Will, is a Mechanical Engineer and focuses on the Section Builder, as it requires a deeper knowledge of Mechanics of Solids and FEA. When releasing critical features, we go live as beta to ensure quality and obtain user feedback. In addition to this, we are regularly pushing new improvements to the software every two weeks or so.

Final Thoughts

At SkyCiv, our consistent aim is to produce relevant software that meets the demands of the industry and surpasses user expectations. We regularly produce thoughtful and insightful content in our structural analysis blog that keep our users engaged on related engineering and software related topics.

Sam Carigliano CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
Sam Carigliano
CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
BEng (Civil), BCom