SkyCiv has released a fresh new update this week - a new dynamic beam section generator! You may not have noticed; as there was virtually 0 downtime as this update was rolled out. Absolutely no disruption to your work - which is a main feature of SkyCiv's cloud engineering software! ANyways, on to our new Dynamic Section Builder!

section builder screenshot

The new section builder allows users to see their section being built in real time, to ensure the dimensions have been entered correctly. After clicking "Calculate" the dynamic section builder will also show you the position of the section's centroid as well as a wide range of real time results such as:

  • Section Area
  • Moment of Inertia
  • Statical Moment of Area
  • Section Modulus
  • Distance from Centroid

A new added feature of SkyCiv's section builder is that it allows the user to enter section fillets via a radius input. This will auto include a fillet on any L section, T-Beam, I-Beam or Hollow Rectangular Sections. This feature allows for a more real life and accurate results and is available to all SkyCiv Structural 3D users. The beam section generator is able to take rectangular, hollow rectangular, I-beam, T-beam and L sections to name a few.

beam section analysis builder screenshot

So enjoy our new section builder to simplify your structural analysis models. It is currently available to all users (with some restrictions on free users), with fillets available to all Structural 3D users. Visit our free frame calculator to test our section builder (restricted to rectangular only).

Sam Carigliano CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
Sam Carigliano
CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
BEng (Civil), BCom