There is currently a technical deficit in regards to the use of structural analysis software for structural engineers. Some engineering students leave university, lacking the confidence to properly model and analyse a structure using software. As a software provider, we want our users to not only operate our software, but to also have a better understanding of how our software works and feel more confident using analysis software. Adding SkyCiv Certification to your resume can help verify your ability to use Structural Analysis Software.

Student Certification

Here at SkyCiv, we want to take up the challenge of closing the skill gap in this aspect with the introduction of our student certification program. The program aims to educate and familiarize students on using the SkyCiv product suite. With the assistance of our documentation, tutorial videos and intuitive interface, the program will hopefully make the SkyCiv suite easier to learn. Also with the entire platform being cloud-based, the program will also be convenient to use. With an active internet connection, users will be able to freely try it out anywhere and anytime.


Of course, there are certain advantages to participating into the Student Certification program. Apart from the knowledge gained from this self-learning program, there are also other practical benefits to participating. As participants become certified, they can use this as an addition to their resume. There is also the cost savings realized when participating in these kinds of programs. Typically, these sorts of courses are not offered with certification in colleges and universities and are instead offered commercially. Little things such as these can be a financial burden and an inconvenience.

What are the tasks?

The first Certificate is Level 1 - Certificate in Basic Modelling and features the following 10 tasks:
  1. Model and Solve a Simply Supported Beam
  2. Model and Solve an Indeterminate Beam
  3. Solved Beam with Section from a Steel Library
  4. Solved Beam with Hinge
  5. Solve an 8-member Truss
  6. Model and Solve a Structure using Datasheet
  7. Solve a 6-member Frame
  8. Draw, mesh and solve a plate Structure
  9. Build a model with 3 or more Sections loaded from a Library
  10. Solve a 3D frame with more than 20 members
Learn more about the tasks in our Documentation

How to get your certificate

It's easy! The software has built-in detection when a task is complete. If you have an active SkyCiv Student Account, you'll be able to complete all the tasks on the list. You can check the progress of your certificate by visiting the Certification from the SkyCiv Dashboard. This will give you an up-to-date progress update: Once completed, you'll be able to download the certificate in a professional, PDF format. Don't forget to post your certificate on LinkedIn and tag our Page so we can endorse your certificate and drive even more eyes to your LinkedIn Profile.
Sam Carigliano CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
Sam Carigliano
CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
BEng (Civil), BCom