SkyCiv is dedicated to supporting education and assisting the development of skills in our future engineers. Learn more about our Education Programs or read on to see how the SkyCiv Software is being used to compliment learning in the classroom and beyond.

1. Statics

At the core of Statics is understanding Free Body Diagrams and the calculations of Reactions. Using the sum of forces to calculate the reactions at supports is generally the first step in solving static structures. SkyCiv hand calculations on SkyCiv Beam allows students to build any beam they like while showing the associated calculations, allowing students to track the process step by step.

hand calculations for beam calculator bending moment and shear force diagrams

SkyCiv offers the same services for Bending Moment Diagrams and Shear Force Diagrams, with detailed calculations explaining the process behind the graphs.

2. Mechanics of Solids

With SkyCiv's powerful Section Builder Software, students can build any section and calculate the Moment of Inertia among other geometric mechanical properties.

Hand calculations of moment of inertia and centroid using SkyCiv Section Builder.

With the worked examples, students can build any of our preset shapes and track the calculations of the Centroids and Moment of Inertia in both X and Y directions. This allows users to see exactly how the results are derived and practice building their own defined shapes.

3. Structural Analysis and FEA

Structural Analysis looks at the methods used to calculate more complex structures, including truss systems, frames and more complicated indeterminate beams. This theory is extremely important in grasping an understanding of the core principles used for Structural Analysis. Software can assist in the later stages of the course, where students are introduced to the program and how it can be used in place of hand calculations. SkyCiv has an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which makes it the perfect introductory Structural Analysis Software - with a full documentation of videos, tutorials and technical articles.

4. Mechanical/Structural Design Courses

When students are learning how to design shafts, concrete slabs, or steel frames, it is important that they have access to analysis tools that determine the loads and forces the members are to hold. Consider ASU's use of SkyCiv in Principles of Mechanical Design for the last couple of years. In the instructor's words: "It is much faster than FEA and helps emphasize the concepts of using problem simplification and analytical solutions for design."

5. Final Thesis

There are a wide range of final thesis projects that students can elect to research in their final year of study. Many students choose a project that requires an element of structural analysis and design. Having access to powerful structural engineering software in the cloud means students can work on their projects from any place at any time. Furthermore, SkyCiv offers an Structural Analysis API for those students who are interested in repetitive analysis in research or projects that mix computing and structural analysis.

6. Team Design Competitions

SkyCiv is a fully-functional Structural Analysis Software, so students can practice and build real life designs using a powerful analysis program. Rather than complicating the UI with an overwhelming number of buttons and functions, SkyCiv provides a clean user interface without undermining its capabilities.

Tower-Competition for structural analysis courses Student Tower Competition Design

SkyCiv is involved in the sponsorship of numerous competitions, as well as educational programs that support student learning in civil engineering. To learn more, please email us at [email protected].

Abigail Goss Education Coordinator
Abigail Goss
Education Coordinator
BEng (Civil), BCom