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Engineering Education

Teaching Engineering plays an important role in this complex and unstatic industry. Lectures are the staple of most existing engineering degree programmes. However, it has been known for many decades that lecturing is not particularly efficient as a way of developing either knowledge or understanding. It appears to be efficient in transmitting information, particularly in respect to defining the syllabus and thus the content to be examined.

But teaching is not just about transmitting information, it's also about demonstrating how something was done (e.g. a worked example), or to providing a framework within which the topic could be understood, and to motivate the students to study the topic or to improve their analytical thinking skills.

It's hard to find teaching resources to inspire future engineers in the classroom as well as being effective at the same time. Here is where an easy-to-use software can work for well for the students and allow them to tackle more “real world” problems. Engineering is one of the most practical disciplines around; Engineers are in almost all facets of modern society. Not only that, but solving difficult and complex problems can be an incredibly rewarding experience! So how do you get your students to tune into lectures and invest the effort into making the most of their learning experience?

How SkyCiv can help

SkyCiv is a cloud based software, which means your students can access their projects and software from any device, anytime, anywhere. No need to download or update the program, students can run it from their desktop, laptop or mobile device. From quick checks to complex projects, SkyCiv's 2D and 3D structural analysis software you can model and analyse beams, shafts, truss, frames and just about any other structure. It's very user friendly so you can get all your results fast and easy: Reactions, Axial Forces, Bending Moment, Deflection, Shear Force, Stress and much, much more.

Why SkyCiv?

  • Full Worked Solutions
  • Cloud Software
  • Easy-to-use

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Full Worked Solutions

Clean and organised full working out hand solutions for the reaction forces, the shear force diagrams and the bending moment diagrams allows students to track their mistakes and learn these hand-written processes.

Cloud Software

Access files and software all from a web browser. No downloading, instalation or maintenance. Students can now take their software home with them!


Intuitive and user friendly, no training sessions required. A great introductory software for students - with all of the power and none of the complexity.

Case Study

Professor Owen Hildreth from Arizona State University has incorporated SkyCiv Cloud Engineering Software into Principles of Mechanical Design for the last couple of years. In Owen's own words: "It is much faster than FEA and helps emphasize the concepts of using problem simplification and analytical solutions for design". Students use the analytical results to make design decisions.

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