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SkyCiv Education

  • Full Worked Solutions
  • No Downloads, Installations or Updates
  • Easy-to-use for Students to learn
  • Tutorials, Videos and
  • Fully compatible with Mac
  • Collaboration on Projects
  • Access from anywhere, anytime

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Intuitive and user friendly, no training sessions required. A great introductory software for students - with all of the power and none of the complexity.

The accounts also give students access to a comprehensive documentation filled with self-help videos, tutorials and written articles on modelling, analysis and design concepts.

Cloud Software

Access files and software all from a web browser. No downloading, installation or maintenance. Students can now take their software home with them!

Give access to students whenever they need it! Forget booking the lab, teach in the classroom - with students able to access the software directly from their own devices.

Full Worked Solutions

Clean and organized full working out hand solutions for the reaction forces, the shear force diagrams and the bending moment diagrams allows students to track their mistakes and learn these hand-written processes.

Allow students to track their step by step calculations and experiment with different beam setups, loadings and supports.

Case Study

Professor Owen Hildreth from Arizona State University has incorporated SkyCiv Cloud Engineering Software into Principles of Mechanical Design for the last couple of years. In Owen's own words: "It is much faster than FEA and helps emphasize the concepts of using problem simplification and analytical solutions for design". Students use the analytical results to make design decisions.

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