As technology advances we are finding that more and more companies are moving their software online. This has been a slow but beneficial transition for the engineering industry who can now access their work anytime from anywhere in the world. Being forward thinking about software usage is the responsibility of the current-day engineer. We have come up with a list of the benefits of cloud computing and how cloud-based Engineering Software such as SkyCiv can help increase productivity and reduce cost for your business.

1. Subscription Flexibility

With the addition of the cloud, SkyCiv users have immense flexibility when it comes to their subscription needs. An example of this, is our pricing. Structural Engineers can now get access to powerful analysis and design software on a monthly basis, with the freedom to cancel at anytime. This is important for engineers, who may only need the software for a single project or limited time. Ramping up in business or adding users and seats? For non-cloud computing software this turns into another forfeiture of productivity. With SkyCiv based entirely on the cloud, adding users or upgrading/downgrading your subscription level is all up to you. Once account changes are made, they are effective immediately. In general, cloud computing gives SkyCiv the power to offer users the most flexibility when selecting software. When the need software aligns with the amount of work secured, this becomes very important for the smaller business owner.

2. Improved Productivity

There are a number of reasons why cloud computing increases productivity. For one, it allows for better accessibility. You have all the software you need, at anytime, with no installation, updates or difficulties that come with traditional software.Simply login and have access to all your software and models with no headaches. According to the 2015 revision of Dell’s Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI), general companies are benefiting from a cost saving, better allocation of IT services and are getting things done faster: This is even more important for Structural Engineers who typically work on tight deadlines, and a need to turn projects around quickly. This, combined with improved collaboration (for instance share models in real time) your team can spend more time designing, and less time sifting through FTPs, emails and USBs trying to find the source of truth.

3. Fast Software Support

Software support in the traditional software market usually means submitting a request, exchanging emails and by the end, it make take more than a week, sometimes two to get the answers you need. With cloud computing and user-focused companies, software issues can be resolved in less than an hour. SkyCiv sits on the cloud, which means our engineering support team can see your model and assist you in real time. live chat support with skyciv structural analysis software on the cloud Issues that took 12 emails back and forth now take 12 minutes thanks to this collaborative access to the issue that the user is experience live. SkyCiv's support team can work with the model while live conferencing with the user to streamline the information process and focus on solving the problem. This give and take between SkyCiv and the user encourages and grows partnership between the two.

4. Automatic Updates

At SkyCiv, we update every two weeks, not every two years. With traditional software, there is a need to have regular software updates and maintenance performed on a frequent basis. These updates usually come with maintenance costs and version control issues which can slow down your projects. Cloud Engineering Software will automatically update/upgrade the software, adding new features, design standards and improvements every two weeks. It is this seamless and cost-less upgrade process that helps engineers achieve their deadlines, rather than cause delays like traditional software.

5. Access Anytime from Anywhere in the World

Hate it when you don't have a file you need access to? Or when you have to carry your bulky laptop home or to a job site because you need that program with you? All these issues can be easily eliminated with cloud software. It allows users to access their files and software at anytime from any computer in the world! SkyCiv focuses on making their software for the user, which makes ease of access of our top priorities. This is arguably one of the greatest advantages to cloud computing software as it improves the flexibility of where you can work from. Use your personal computer at home, or on different computers at the office without the need to reinstall software or call your IT specialist to install it for you. Simply log in online and get access - it's that simple!

6. Less Crashes

Traditional software can take up Gigabytes of space and place considerable stress on a computer's speed. Having these large files open can cause the rest of your computer to struggle and lag. Online Software has little to no impact in this regard. All the files are held online which means it takes up none of your Hard Disk Drive. It also runs all the complicated calculations and solutions on our powerful online servers - placing none of the extreme strain that traditional software can have on your computer.

7. A better ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is another significant factor in decision making and a huge benefit of cloud computing. It gives us a concrete (excuse the pun) reason on why we should change. Companies with cloud computing programs generally have much lower overheads than traditional companies - which means cloud companies don't have to charge the incredibly high prices of traditional software. On top of this, there are generally installation costs or on-going maintenance fees associated with traditional software which can run well into the thousands of dollars. Cloud computing leads to more flexible subscriptions and variety in usage of the software. Meaning, because of the lack of installation costs and time, companies can be the most efficient in purchasing seats or licenses, rather than overestimating the need. OnShape is a cloud based CAD software that is breaking ground, here's how they are helping engineers gain a ROI over traditional software like SolidWorks. "Onshape Professional will save you $16,900 (61%) in the first year, and $20,100 (37%) over the first three years." Cloud Engineering software, such as those offered at SkyCiv Online Engineering Software, are a fraction of the cost of traditional software - yet still offer the same functionality and performance with added benefits and convenience. Why not try it today with a free trial and see the benefits of cloud structural analysis software today!

Sam Carigliano CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
Sam Carigliano
CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
BEng (Civil), BCom