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The SkyCiv screw pile calculator allows the design of steel screw piles as per AISC 360-16, IBC 2021, and standard geotechnical procedures. The tool supports design to both ASD & LRFD methods for the structural design of piles. Using the tool it is possible to estimate the pile capacity for both structural as well as geo-technical criteria.

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About the AISC 360-16 Screw Pile Design Calculator

What inputs are required in the screw pile calculator?

The SkyCiv Screw Pile calculator requires following main input sections to be filled out:

  • Design Method (ASD or LRFD)
  • Helix Type (Single Helix or Double Helix) and details
  • Geometry Details (Embedment Length, Cantilever Length and Pile Web Thickness)
  • Material
  • Soil Properties
  • Design Loads

Once all the inputs have been filled out click the "Run" button in the top right.

How is screw pile capacities calculated?

There are two types of capacities can be estimated using this tool:

  • Structural Capacity
  • Geotechnical Capacity

The structural capacity calculations are based on the pile cross-section (for example a circular hollow section with the helix part). The structural capacity is evaluated for Bending, Torsion, and Shear criteria. Each of these criteria is compared with the given forces (node reactions) to which the pile is subjected to.

The geotechnical capacity calculations involve the estimation of the shaft resistance of the pile in bearing and skin friction. Resistance due to the helix portion is also evaluated in the case of bearing strength calculations.

Ultimately the AISC 360-16 screw pile design calculator, gives the total capacity of soil in tension and compression which is compared with the design tension and compression forces respectively.

Does this screw pile calculator consider layered soils?

Yes, you can input the desired number of soil layers along with the respective soil properties as per the geotechnical data. Both the soil types can be handled (i.e. cohesive and cohesionless). The factor of safety is evaluated for both tension and compression capacity for each layer and presented in the design report.

Is an integrated S3D version available?

SkyCiv Structural 3D (S3D) is our frame analysis software. This screw pile module is integrated with our software, so users can build an frame with screw pile supports, perform analysis on that frame, and then import all the loads into the screw pile design module.


Note: The integrated version requires a SkyCiv Professional subscription.

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