ACI 318-19 Pad Footing Design Calculator

The SkyCiv Pad Footing Design calculator is intended to design the isolated pad footings subjected to axial force, transverse (horizontal) shear, and bending moment about either axis of the footing. The footing is checked for axial force in compression as well as in tension (uplift). The American Institute of Steel Construction (ACI 318-19) standard is used for this pad footing calculator

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About the AISC 360-16 Pad Footing Design Calculator

What inputs are required in the pad footing calculator?

Various inputs are required to complete the design checks for the pad footing. The inputs include:

  • Footing and Slab Geometry
  • Material
  • Design actions
  • Reinforcement
  • Soil Properties
  • Design Factors

Once all the inputs have been filled out click the "Run" button in the top right.

Does the ACI 318 pad footing calculator consider the stability checks?

Yes, the pad footing design tool evaluates the stability of the isolated pad footing for the following stability aspects:

  • Bearing pressure below the pad.
  • No tension condition.
  • Uplift in the case of upward axial load acting on the pad.

Does the calculator consider the effect of wind or seismic loads in the bearing pressure calculation?

Yes, this calculator provides a choice to the user for declaration of considering or not considering the effect due to wind and seismic pressure. Based on the user declaration, the allowable soil bearing pressure is increased by 33% and then compared with the actual bearing pressure.

Which checks are considered for the footing design?

The isolated pad footing is checked for the following actions:

  • Adequacy of the plan dimensions of the footing for allowable soil-bearing pressure.
  • Adequacy against "No Tension" condition.
  • Reinforcement in longitudinal and transverse direction for the given action of the loads (flexure and shear).
  • Adequacy of the thickness of the pad from One Way Shear criteria.
  • Adequacy of the thickness of the pad from Two Way Shear criteria (punching shear).

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