CSA A23.3-14 Concrete Slab Resistance Design Software

The SkyCiv CSA A23.3-14 Concrete Slab Resistance tool is designed to aid structural engineers in the calculation of concrete slab resistance in accordance with CSA A23 3.

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About the CSA A23.3-14 Concrete Slab Resistance Calculator

What does the CSA A23.3 Concrete Slab Calculator Check?

This calculator is for Concrete Limit State Design (LSD) calculations according to CSA A23.3-14 for concrete slabs, walls and footings.

The following hypothesis apply when using this tool:

  • Shear reinforcement in slab, wall or footing not included.
  • Cracking moment and clause inequation not included.
  • The slab bearing at supports is not included.
  • The slab is not subject to torsion or axial loads.
  • Rebar anchoring at either end is and rebar splicing is not included.
  • Nominal maximum size of coarse aggregate (ag) is not less than 20 mm.
  • Normal density concrete (λ = 1.0).
  • Serviceability and crack control checks not included.
  • Minimum cover distances for various expositions not included.
  • Minimum rows or reinforcement in walls not included.
  • Lightweight concrete not included (λ = 1.0).
  • Fire resistance not included.

How to use this CSA A23.3 Concrete Slab Calculator?

All inputs used in calculations are entered in the left column of the window labelled Input

  • Enter the element category in the first dropdown menu. The category is used for minimum thickness checks and limitations on rebar spacing, among other things.
  • Enter the slab properties (thickness and concrete strength) in the two following dropdown menus.
  • Enter rebar dimension in the next dropdown. For plain concrete (no reinforcement), simply select none.
  • For reinforced sections, enter rebar information in the following three dropdown menus (spacing, steel strength and concrete cover)
  • Enter factored loads in the two last dropdown menus. Both flexural and shear loads must be factored linear (distributed) loads.

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