Eurocode 5 Timber Design Software

This calculator supports the design of both beams and columns to Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures (BS EN 1995-1-1). The Eurocode timber design calculator includes a full library of timber materials for solid, glulam and LVL timber.

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Eurocode 5 Timber Design Software

  • Design to EN 1995-1-1
  • Bending, Shear, Tensile, Compression, and Combined Checks

  • Solid Timber, Glulam and LVL Timber

  • Full Calculation Reporting

  • Built by Engineers

  • Access to this Tool and a Library of 70+ Design Tools
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About the BS EN 1995-1-1 Timber Design Software

What design forces can be used?

The BS EN 1995-1-1 timber design tool allows the following design forces to be used as per Eurocode 5:

  1. Torsion
  2. Axial Force (P)
  3. Shear Force in Y and Z Directions
  4. Bending Force in Y and Z Directions

What results are available?

A wide range of results are available as both design values and utility ratios. The Eurocode 5 timber design calculator includes support for the following results:

Design Values

  • Major Bending Strength (fm,z,d)
  • Major Bending Stress (σm,z,d)
  • Minor Bending Strength (fm,y,d)
  • Minor Bending Stress (σm,y,d)
  • Major Shear Strength (fv,z,d)
  • Major Shear Stress (τv,z,d)
  • Minor Shear Strength (fv,y,d)
  • Minor Shear Stress (τv,y,d)
  • Tensile Strength Parallel (ft,0,d)
  • Tensile Stress Parallel (σt,0,d)
  • Compression Strength Parallel (fc,0,d)
  • Compression Stress Parallel (σc,0,d)
  • Compression Strength Perpendicular (fc,90,d)
  • Compression Stress Perpendicular (σc,90,d)
  • Torsional Stress (τtor,d)

Utility Ratios

  • Major Bending Capacity
  • Minor Bending Capacity
  • Bending Capacity equation (6.11)
  • Bending Capacity equation (6.12)
  • Major Shear Capacity
  • Minor Shear Capacity
  • Tensile Capacity || grain
  • Compression Capacity || grain
  • Compression Capacity ⊥ grain
  • Torsion
  • Combined Bending and Axial Tension 1
  • Combined Bending and Axial Tension 2
  • Combined Bending and Axial Compression 1
  • Combined Bending and Axial Compression 2
  • Combined Shear and Torsion

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