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Free Online Truss Calculator


This free online truss calculator is an truss design tool that generates the axial forces and reactions of completely customisable 2D truss structures. Add nodes, members and supports to set up your problem. Apply up to 5 point loads to the nodes and click solve when done to run the static 2D truss analysis. It is particularly useful as a steel bridge truss software or roof truss calculator. Click 'Reactions' or 'Axial Force' to display the results you need in a nice, clean and easy to interpret graph for your truss design. Users can also control settings such as units, display settings of truss members etc. by clicking the 'Settings' button.

Please note some features have been disabled and there are limitations on what can be added (12 members, 2 supports and 5 point loads only). However, this truss calculator also comes as a full truss software for only USD $49.95 per month, which allows unlimited members, distributed loads and point loads! It also allows the user to save and load problems; saving much time in re-entering the truss structures.

SkyCiv offers a range of cloud based structural analysis software and calculators. Click here for more information of our cloud-based analysis software for engineers.

Result Type (unit):


Add Shapes

Section Templates






Enter a row for each point.

Enter a row for each point.


Geometric Properties

Area 2

Moment of Inertia

Iz 4
Iy 4
Izy 4
Izp 4
Iyp 4
α °

Elastic Section Moduli

Sz 3
Sy 3

Shear Properties

Az 2
Ay 2
Qz 3
Qy 3

Torsion Properties

J 4
Iw 6

Geometric Properties*

Area 2

Moment of Inertia*

Iz 4
Iy 4
Izy 4
Izp 4
Iyp 4
α °

Statical Moment of Area*

Qz 3
Qy 3

*Properties based on the Transformed-Section method.

All materials have been transformed to:

Visibility Settings
Diagram Tips
  • Diagram Pan: Right Click Drag (or Shift + Click Drag)
  • Rotate: Left Click Drag
  • Zoom: Scroll
  • Scale Diagram: S + Scroll
  • Select Multiple: Ctrl + Click
  • Click nodes, members and loads to select/edit
  • Click and drag between nodes to add members
  • Drag labels to move
  • Hover over diagram for results at that point
  • Click a member to view only its results


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SkyCiv offers a Student account, offering the SkyCiv Truss Software - allowing you to solve larger truss structures, with more supports and forces. SkyCiv also offers a full 3D Structural Analaysis Software in the cloud, complete with professional reporting, 3D Rendering and Stress Analysis. If you have any questions with the account types, simply contact us.

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  • Neil Chakrabarty

    Hi Paul, I would like to use your calculator to determine the trusses proposed by my contractor. So can I sign up for a while and stop when the project ends?

    • Hi Neil. Thanks for your question. Yes definitely! One of the great things about SkyCiv is the flexibile subscription. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want without any fees. Simple do this from within your account settings to ensure you do not get billed in your next subscription term. Let us know if you need anything else.

  • dog

    take the cost off pissants

  • Fadhli

    it cant solve because the modulus young’s is zero, can anyone help me where i can put the moudulus youngs data?

    • That’s strange. Young’s modulus shouldn’t be required as it should be entered automatically. Did you end up getting it working? Email me at paul@skyciv.com to discuss further if you’re still having issues.

  • Xander Jake de los Santos

    I also need solutions…
    I have no use of an answer if I don’t know how solve for it…

    • Sorry at the moment we do not have full worked solutions for trusses. You can try it by hand and see if the solution is correct, so it’s not completely usless to you.

  • Julius Sentirmay

    I installed 18 solar panels on my existing Truss Roof with permit. Now the City asking verification that the roof system can accommodate the additional dead loads of
    the solar equipment. I have the original plan from March 26 2003, and it said the Roof Truss calculation in the City of Meridian. I called the Builder he said the Idaho Truss Company went out from business. I like to calculate the Truss load my self, how can I do it? Our Roof slope 12-8, under the roof we have Bonus room. The roof size 36′ horizontal and 23′ slop size. The Bonus room walls start 10′ from the edges both side, and 6′ height. After this fallow the roof slope 4′. The Bonus room ceiling 10′ wide, it has
    2″x10″ ceiling joints. The 23′ long roof rafters every 3′ distance are supported to Garage ceiling joints. The Garage ceiling joints is 2″x14″ MFG’D Trusses @ 24″ oc. .

  • Jordan McCallum

    Tell me how many objects I can use in the free trial, getting most-way through a sketchup and be told to pay or quit leaves a very sour taste in the mouth.

    • Hi Jordan,

      I can understand that concern. In the text above the calculator it does mention the limitations of the free software:

      “Please note some features have been disabled and there are limites to what can be added (12 members, 2 supports and 5 point loads only). ”

      Hope this clears up your concern and hope this restores your image of SkyCiv.

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  • Emad

    I cannot evaluate the SkyCiv truss calculator if I cannot enter node fixities or applied loads. Is there a way to calculate and get results before purchasing?

    • Hi Emad. Node Fixities can only be controlled in SkyCiv Structural 3D. I can see you signed up our free account by visiting https://skyciv.com/free-signup. That’s what I was going to suggest as you can play around with the software more and even give Structural 3D a little trial. This way you can evaluate the software before purchasing. If you have any further questions please email us at info@skyciv.com.

  • Salacorn

    I always appreciate free trials, especially those that do not require any local installs or regos.

    Whilst I gave this a fair go, I found I was unable to accomplish what I feel is a simple timber truss design on my home. (Fink + King combo). I’m a sparky, certainly not a structural engineer (though my maths and physics are good). I recently bought a home, and upon getting into some renos, noticed some air con tradie cut some web members to run the ductwork years ago. I reckoned it would of been cool to see what effects that might have.

    Either my lack of sleep has gotten to me, or this calculator is not able to have points anywhere but on the ends of a member. This type of truss design seems to fit bridge construction, but in timber trusses for typical buildings, the chords are continuous, with web members between them.

    Again, I could just be too tired and getting it all wrong.

    Either way, it still is a nice tool for other designs.

    • Hi Salacorn. Any structure can be entered as you can place the nodes at any position you like. If there is a junction then you need to put a node there and connect the members accordingly. For instance see the structure I’ve attached. You wouldn’t do one of the horizontal member as ONE long member – rather you would break it up as shown so that you can add joints. Hope that helps.

  • What up tho

    Can this show how you got the answer

    • Unfortunately no – this can only be done in SkyCiv Beam but even then it will only show the solution for statically determinate problems by method of sections.

      • Swagg

        Good One Paul

  • first gear

    please allow me to use 18 members i want to try it before i buy please just want to check if program can solve truss with 18 members

    • Hi there. Sorry the free truss calculator is limited and cannot be changed at the moment. Paid SkyCiv Truss can compute up to 30 members while SkyCiv Structural 3D is fully unlimited. Perhaps try SkyCiv Structural 3D as it can be used for FREE for 30 days at the moment. Sign up on the home page. Hope that helps. Contact us at info@skyciv.com if you have any further questions.

  • Malik Osman

    invest your time doing a tutorial to use this

    • Hi Malik. Sorry for any inconvenience or frustrations caused by the calculator — Please watch this video from around 2:00 and onwards as it goes through a simple example on how to use the calculator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp5Hw5HV-bA

      It is for the paid SkyCiv Truss Calculator but it is virtually the same thing with less restrictions. Hope that helps. If you’re still having issues or need some help email us at info@skyciv.com and we’ll do our best to assist you.

  • Ana

    Incorrect Reactions, loads are just 15-30kN then Reactions are already millions. :(

    • Hi Ana. Sounds like your structure may not be constrained properly. Could you please attach a screenshot here of your structure so we can see what’s caused this and help you out? Otherwise you can email us at info@skyciv.com. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers, Paul.

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