1. Cost Effective

Manufacturing engineers rarely need to conduct structural analysis and if they do it is often a rough analysis to deem whether something is safe or not. For instance, they may need to analyse the frame that is used to support a piece of equipment or machine. This type of work is occasional and does not necessarily justify spending thousands of dollars on a single-license structural analysis program.

2. Site-wide License

The great thing about SkyCiv is that it is cloud (online) based. This means a single account can be used by a range of devices and people. With SkyCiv's Site Subscriptions, a single account could serve all the engineers in your office. These engineers can each log in to use the software as often or as little as they need it. This means your company does not have to fork out thousands on multiple user licences and have software installed on multiple computers. All the engineer needs is the single login details and they can have instant access with nothing to install. cloud_site-wide_licence  

3. Quick and Easy

SkyCiv Software is all extremely easy to use and allows users to perform quick and easy analysis. This makes our programs perfect for back of the envelope designs and second checks. With our products you can setup and analyse structures in seconds! This would have otherwise been done using spreadsheet or by hand calculating which is extremely time consuming and the accuracy of the results is unknown.

4. No Training Required

Because SkyCiv's software is so easy to use, it requires virtually no training. Simply login and start using immediately. In case you need to though, SkyCiv offers a great number of Training Videos as well as Documentation and this blog for valuable informations and tutorials on our software. If that's not enough, SkyCiv offers full customer support to paid users, so you can speak to a real engineer if you have any questions with your model or design. The best part about SkyCiv software is you do not need to be a Structural Engineering expert - we make it easy for you.

5. Range of Applications

SkyCiv Professional Package offers a range of engineering software that will satisfy any structural analysis need. The package includes SkyCiv Beam, Truss, Frame, Shaft and of course Structural 3D - the full 3D structural analysis software. This variety of tools allows any engineer to model and analyse just about anything (click here to see some of our users' projects). Here are some of the structures that have been analysed using our software:
Task Software
A Steel plate used to cover a large, exposed manhole SkyCiv Beam
Design of a Chair for Manufacturing SkyCiv Structural 3D
A Ship Container Crane (secondary check) SkyCiv Structural 3D
Shelving for Heavy Machinery Storage SkyCiv Frame

Sam Carigliano CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
Sam Carigliano
CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
BEng (Civil), BCom