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The SkyCiv Crack Width Calculator is a free tool to help engineers calculate the crack width of a wall based on its width, thickness, and reinforcement. When designing concrete cracks can occur due to a range of reasons. These cracks can affect the durability of concrete increase the chances of deterioration. The calculations include service stress due to moment and tension, and strain. This tool uses the British Standard 8007 standard for its calculations. Enter the dimensions of the wall and reinforcement details below to begin.

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About the Crack Width Calculator

What is Concrete Crack Width?

Cracks can form in concrete due to various reasons. These reasons can include temperature variations, insufficient tension reinforcement, excessive bending moments, and shear forces. Concrete crack width is the width of the crack that forms in concrete.

How does Crack Width Affect the Durability of Concrete?

The crack width of concrete and its durability are inversely proportional to each other. The larger the crack the more ingress is allowed for the passage of water and the higher the chances of deterioration of the reinforcement present in the concrete. As time progresses, the cracks will get widened and the strength of the concrete starts to decrease ultimately reducing the life of the concrete.

What are the Different Types of Concrete Crack Width Classifications?

Crack width classification is usually based on the environmental exposure condition. Every country code has its own set of limitations. However, the commonly observed values of limiting crack widths are 0.1mm, 0.2mm, and 0.3 mm which generally pertain to mild, moderate, and severe conditions respectively.

How to use the Concrete Crack Width Calculator?

Using the SkyCiv Concrete Crack Width Calculator is easy. First, begin by entering your inputs on the left side panel. The inputs required include:

  • The Max Allowable Crack Width
  • Material Properties
  • The Design Load (Moment and Tension)
  • Section Properties of the Member

Next, click the run button in the top right of the calculator to get your results and capacities. These include results on:

  • Distance Upto Nearest Longitudinal Bar
  • Service Stress
  • Concrete Stiffening
  • Average Strain
  • Crack Width

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Concrete Crack Width Calculator FAQs

The calculations in this calculator are based on British Standard 8007. This includes the strain theory calculations used in this calculator which are based on those given in BS 8007. The unit system of this calculator is limited to metric units only.

Yes, you can enter the member's desired width and thickness and the top and bottom face rebar configuration. Based on these details, the program can calculate the crack width and compare it with the allowable one. You can estimate and compare crack widths for walls, slabs, and beams using this calculator.

This calculator only asks for the modular ratio instead of the material properties as it is directly associated with the strain evaluations.

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