NBCC 2015 Canadian Multi-roof Snow Drift Calculator

The SkyCiv Canadian Multi-roof Snow Drift Calculator is for the calculation of snow drift at multi-level roofs according to the National Building Code of Canada 2015 (NBCC 2015). Multi-level roofs snow drift evaluation according to NBCC 2015 is one of the most time consuming part of Canadian load calculations. This tool allows for quick input and validation via dynamic graphics and outputs a simple graphical representation of the results.

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About the NBCC 2015 Canadian Multi-roof Snow Drift Calculator

What hypothesis apply when using the multi-roof snow drift tool?

The following hypothesis apply when using this tool:

  • This tool is design for Canadian buildings only.
  • Importance factor Is = 1.0
  • Wind load coefficient Cw = 1.0 for all snow drift calculations

How to use the multi-roof snow drift calculator?

The following inputs are required by the NBCC 2015 multi-roof snow drift software:

  • Enter province and location information in the first section.
  • Enter building properties in the second section. A dynamic graphic will update to reflect changes in the center panel named Graphics.
  • If sliding snow needs to be considered, set the Sliding snow input to True.
  • Add points of interest by pressing the Open Table button next to the Points of interest label. Here, it is possible to add as many points of interest as required.
  • Run the calculations by pressing the green RUN button. A detailed report will appear in the center panel named Design Report. Also, output results will be summarized in the right panel named Output.

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