SkyCiv is excited to announce the release of the much anticipated NDS Wood Design Module for the National Design Specification for for Wood Construction. This is in addition to a number of great new US design modules being released this month, such as Reinforced Concrete Modules ACI 318 and Connection Design Module for AISC 360!

The wood design module is sure to save users a lot of manual, tedious work - with a lot of the adjustment factors being calculated automatically! Wood design under this prescriptive code can be fairly complex, particularly when considering ASD and LRFD provisions. Luckily, SkyCiv has you covered with this latest release - which handles a lot of this complexity in a nice easy-to-use program.

Fully Integrated

This national design specification for wood construction module is fully integrated with SkyCiv Structural 3D - our powerful analysis software. Instantly run checks on your wood members, directly from your model. No more exporting results out and running your own calculations - you can now run steel, concrete and wood checks all from your one model!

NDS design software screenshot

What does it calculate?

The software can handle a wide range of wood species under lumber, glulam and round materials. The wood design code specifications defines a long list of adjustment factors that can be quite complex and time-consuming. The SkyCiv NDS Design Code module calculates this input for you.

NDS adjustment factors
After inputting your information, the SkyCiv module then runs the calculations as per NDS, checking for a various number of results including axial, moment, shear and deflection. The output is provided in a clear color-coded pass/fail summary. The software outputs a PDF table of all given results:

SkyCiv report showing the NDS calculation results

How can I get access?

The NDS module comes included with the SkyCiv Professional Account which also includes full access to our full-featured Structural Analysis software - Structural 3D.

Sergey Lozovik Structural Engineer, Product Development
Sergey Lozovik
Structural Engineer, Product Development
BEng (Civil)
[email protected]