They say that the hardest aspect of designing a steel structure is the design of connections. SkyCiv has been hard at work to catch up with the incumbents of structural analysis software, but rebuilding the software in a way that is faster and easier to work with. Being on the cloud, users can now get access to their Connection Design software from wherever they are and whatever device they need! No more installation, no more downloading. Just powerful, intuitive and online structural engineering software. SkyCiv wishes to approach connection design in a more open and customizable way. With that, the SkyCiv team is excited to announce our newest addition to the SkyCiv suite with SkyCiv's very own Connection Design Software module. The software features design calculations from AISC 360-10 for a number of shear and moment connections. Click here for a full spec of the features.
An animation of the SkyCiv Connection Design 3D renderer - build a full CAD file to export or generate drawings directly from within the module


SkyCiv Connection Design aims to bring connection design to steel connections with a user-friendly/intuitive interface that users have come to expect of the SkyCiv platform. This new module also aims to complement our existing line-up and is fully integrated with our powerful structural analysis software; Structural 3D. The module is filled with many features to make the entire approach to connection design as full as possible. The list of features includes the following:
  • User-friendly interface
  • Design summary that displays the results as utility ratios for quick summary
  • Full connection design report that details the results of the design summary with full calculations in a step-by-step manner
  • Technical drawings for the connection
  • Connection configuration can be saved and loaded for future use
  • New 3D rendering engine which can output a STP file for the user to view in their CAD program of choice
Full Feature List

Connection Types

At the moment, the module will focus on W to W and HSS to W sections. Also, connections will focus mainly on welded or bolted-type connections. The plates can also be manipulated such that you can change its dimensions. The software can handle both Shear and Moment Connections.


At the cornerstone of SkyCiv Software is our open and powerful reporting; showing full step-by-step calculations, references, assumptions and decision criteria. No more black boxes, get a full understanding of your designs. The software also allows users to export their CAD files and even generate drawings right from within the design module. The 3D rendering builds a full 3D model of your connection so it can be exported to your prefered CAD program such as Tekla or Revit.


SkyCiv Connection Design has been released in two versions:
  1. Standalone - manually enter in forces in members, and design connections without the need of analysis software
  2. Integrated with Structural 3D - import forces, members and load combinations directly from your structural model

Frederick Lim Structural Engineer, Product Development
Frederick Lim
Structural Engineer, Product Development
BEng (Civil)
[email protected]