What are the NDS® Standards?

The National Design Specification Standards® and is a prescriptive standard produced by the American Wood Council (AWC). These specifications are chosen alongside manufacturers with the best design value in mind and provide a compendium of reference design values for wood construction. These requirements also provide a standard for the usage of wood. The NDS® standards specification for wood is widely used by manufacturers, giving companies the ease of access to the material. Additionally, because of these pre-set regulations, companies avoid re-iterating through different dimensions. Specifically, We are examining the use of sawn lumber (nominal and standard dressed dimensions), western and southern structural glued laminated timber: This library is in addition to SkyCiv's Wood design software, which also integrates with SkyCiv Structural 3D - our powerful structural analysis software.
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Using SkyCiv with NDS® Standards

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At SkyCiv, we combined our timber design software with our section builder software, giving users the ease of access without the hassle of entering the dimensions from the catalog. This enables our users to directly compare dimensions easily. As the database is part of our section builder, users can also calculate sectional properties that are normally not available in the catalog itself. As one of the few companies to have digitized the NDS specification, SkyCiv customers only select the type and size of the wood needed, eliminating the cumbersome effort of looking up each dimension individually. Our users also have access to the AISI Steel catalog and the AISC catalog within SkyCiv’s software, streamlining the design process across industries.
NDS Wood Standards

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