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Detailed Comments App

Keep a clear track of project changes to your model, for better team collaboration. Add comments, screenshots and issue tracking for a more detailed project history.
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What's Possible with the Detailed Comments App

Seamless collaboration.

Keep a clear history of changes, updates and issues with your model with the SkyCiv Detailed Comments Add-on.

SkyCiv models are built for easier collaboration. The new SkyCiv Detailed Comments add-on allows engineers to comment on the project for their team to see. With this add-on, teams can:

  • Add comments or issues to models
  • Include screenshots and comments with each new issue
  • Tag an element that the comment applies to
  • Mark comments as resolved/unresolved to keep track of issues that need attention
  • Generate PDF report of project history and user interactions
  • Integrates with Slack and other communication apps to keep teams updated
  • Comments will also appear in your Skyciv - Microsoft Teams App

Powerful reporting for Project Managers, with a clear report of comments from users

Collaboration and project management has been built into the SkyCiv platform, all the way from management to end users.

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Single Click Setup

SkyCiv Addons and Integrations are designed to be installed easily. The SkyCiv QR Code App can be installed with a single click in your account settings:

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