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Calculating deflection and stress: 3,468,320 beams solved...

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About the Beam Calculator

Welcome to our free online bending moment and shear force diagram calculator which can generate the Reactions, Shear Force Diagrams (SFD) and Bending Moment Diagrams (BMD) of a cantilever beam or simply supported beam. Use this beam span calculator to determine the reactions at the supports, draw the shear and moment diagram for the beam and calculate the deflection of a steel or wood beam. Free online beam calculator for generating the reactions, calculating the deflection of a steel or wood beam, drawing the shear and moment diagrams for the beam. This is the free version of our full SkyCiv Beam Software. This can be accessed under any of our Paid Accounts, which also includes a full structural analysis software.

Use the interactive box above to view and delete the beam length, supports and added loads. Any changes made will automatically re-draw the free body diagram any simply supported or cantilever beam. The beam reaction calculator and Bending Moment Calculations will be run once the "Solve" button is hit and will automatically generate the Shear and Bending Moment Diagrams. You can also click the individual elements of this LVL beam calculator to edit the model.

Beam Reaction Calculator

The beam span calculator will easily calculate the reactions at supports. It is able to calculate the reactions at supports for cantilever or simple beams. This includes calculating the reactions for a cantilever beam, which has a bending moment reaction as well as x,y reaction forces.

Bending Moment Shear Force Calculator

The above steel beam span calculator is a versatile structural engineering tool used to calculate the bending moment in an aluminium, wood or steel beam. It can also be used as a beam load capacity calculator by using it as a bending stress or shear stress calculator. It is able to accommodate up to 2 different concentrated point loads, 2 distributed loads and 2 moments. The distributed loads can be arranged so that they are uniformly distributed loads (UDL), triangular distributed loads or trapezoidal distributed loads. All loads and moments can be of both upwards or downward direction in magnitude, which should be able to account for most common beam analysis situations. Bending Moment and Shear Force calculations may take up to 10 seconds to appear and please note you will be directed to a new page with the reactions, shear force diagram and bending moment diagram of the beam.

Beam Deflection Calculator

One of the most powerful functions is using it as a beam deflection calculator (or beam displacement calculator). This can be used to observe the calculated deflection of a simply supported beam or of a cantilever beam. Being able to add section shapes and materials, this makes it useful as a wood beam calculator or as a steel beam calculator for lvl beam or i beam design. For now, this functionality is available in SkyCiv Beam.

More Free Tools Available

Here at SkyCiv, we continue to deliver valuable tools and resources that will aid in the work of structural engineers. We have a long list of other free and easy to use tools for you to check out:

About SkyCiv

SkyCiv offers a wide range of Cloud Structural Analysis and Design Software for engineers. As a constantly evolving tech company, we're committed to innovating and challenging existing workflows to save engineers time in their work processes and designs.

If you are an engineering professional, you might benefit more by using our cloud based 3D Structural Analysis Software beyond this moment calculator. This software includes integrated design modules such as AISC, ACI, AS, Eurocode and CSA. Check out our professional packages here:

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  3. MikeM
    August 16, 2018 at 12:57 pm · Reply

    As a non-structural PE, I would like to see a pay as you go option. Worth $10 / hr, $20 / day, but not 79/ month for something I would only use 3x/yr. A pricing model like Hydrocad would work. I can still do my analysis with your great product in 2 steps and just add them. But I would prefer to access the advance options and graphics.

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      Hi Stanley. How can we help you? Use our live chat bubble (bottom-right of screen) to get in touch with us more effectively.

  5. Arsalan
    May 14, 2018 at 6:06 pm · Reply

    Hey can we add a spring element to the beam in this software.


    • Paul
      May 14, 2018 at 6:16 pm · Reply

      Hey Arsalan. This is possible in our main structural analysis software (Structural 3D or S3D). Springs can be added as supports also.

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    this is the best free online study

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      Uy’ bhadele kanjani for le software?

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