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The SkyCiv European Scaffolding Capacity Calculator allows engineers to calculate scaffolding load capacity as per EN12811.1-2003. The calculator allows engineers to apply loads including the max bending force in the member and coupler, max shear force in the member and coupler, max axial force in the member, and torsional moment in the member. The calculator also supports different types of couplers including right-angle couplers, friction-type sleeve couplers, swivel couplers, and parallel couplers. Finally, the calculator allows users the option to design as a base jack if required. Get started below.

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About the European Scaffolding Calculator

How is Scaffolding Load Capacity Calculated?

Multiple factors and considerations are required to calculate the load capacity of scaffolding. These factors include the geometry of the scaffolding cross-sections, the material of the scaffolding members, the type and class of couplers used, and the design loads. From this multiple checks need to be completed as specified in EN12811-1-2003. 

These include checks for the capacity of tube members, axial capacity of the member, shear capacity of the member, and checks for the utilization ratio for the moment at bit the ends of the member and with the span of the member. Finally, the resistance values of the couplers need to be calculated depending on the type of coupler used.

What is a Coupler used for in Scaffolding?

In scaffolding a coupler refers to the equipment used to connect two scaffolding members together. Couplers come in different types and options. Scaffolding couplers are vital to ensuring the safety and structural integrity of scaffolding and need to be checked for slipping, bending, torsion, shear, and other considerations.

How Many Types of Scaffolding Coupler Exist?

A few types of scaffolding couplers exist. These include right-angle couplers to create a 90-degree connection between two members. Swivel couplers allow for different types of angles to be created between the members. Sleeve couplers (sometimes known as fixed couplers) allow members to be connected end-to-end in a straight line. Finally, parallel couplers are used to hold parallel tubes together.

What is a Base Jack?

In scaffolding design, a base jack is a component of scaffolding systems found at the bottom of vertical members. Base jacks are generally adjustable to allow scaffolding to be set up on uneven surfaces.

Calculator FAQs

The scaffolding calculator allows the user to identify whether the member is connected to the support (base). If the member is connected to a base jack it will ask the user about the dimensional details of the threaded portion of the base jack. Based on the inputs declared by the user and with reference to Annex B of EN12811-1:2003, the module performs the calculations applicable to the base jack.

The module consists of the evaluation of coupler capacities based on the linear static analysis of the members. For the design check coupler capacities as given in Annex C of EN12811.1 are used.

The calculations are completed in the metric units system. However, the automatic conversion of inputs and results into imperial is available.

The scaffolding calculator uses the European Scaffolding Design Standard (EN12811-1:2003).

The calculator has support for right-angle couplers, parallel couplers, swivel couplers, and friction-type sleeve couplers.

The following design loads are supported: 

  • M -> Max Bending Force in Member
  • Me -> Max Bending Force at Coupler
  • V -> Max Shear Force in Member
  • Ve -> Max Shear Force at Coupler
  • N -> Max Axial Force in Member
  • T -> Torsional Moment in Member

An integrated version of the calculator for SkyCiv S3D will soon be available to import all eligible members with the appropriate properties for the Scaffolding Calculator and run all your checks in one go. Please contact [email protected] or use the live chat if you are interested in early access.

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