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The SkyCiv Concrete Corbel Design Calculator allows engineers to design reinforced concrete corbels. The calculations in this tool follow the American Concrete Institute Code 318-19 (ACI-318 19). The design check considers the materials, dimensions, and forces involved in reinforced concrete corbel design and provides a range of results required to ensure the design of the corbel.

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About the Concrete Corbel Calculator

What is a Concrete Corbel?

A concrete corbel is a bracket-like element that is used to distribute loads and reduce bending moment forces at member connections in a structure. Corbels are also sometimes used for decorative or architectural purposes. Concrete corbels are often reinforced with steel to add tensile strength to improve the corbel load-carrying capacity and ability to transition loads from vertical members to horizontal members. Concrete corbels need to be carefully engineered with help from tools like the Concrete Corbel Design Calculator to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Do Concrete Corbels Require Reinforcement?

Concrete corbels typically require reinforcement with steel such as bar and mesh that is embedded into the concrete. Reinforcement of concrete corbels helps to prevent cracking, improve load-bearing capacity, and control tensile strength. Local engineering standards should be referred to when completing reinforced corbel design as these should contain guidelines for the placement and layout of reinforcement.

Where are Concrete Corbels Used?

Concrete corbels can be used in many types of residential and commercial structures. They are also used in structures like bridges, dams, and retaining walls. If you need to design a corbel then get started with the SkyCiv concrete corbel design calculator above.

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Concrete Corbel Design Calculator FAQs

What Design Code is this Concrete Corbel Calculator Based On?

The calculator uses ACI-318 19. RC Corbel Design is outlined in Chapter 16.5. The calculator is limited to metric units only.

What Results are Provided?

The following results are available:

  • Shear utilization ratio
  • Design shear strength
  • Shear friction strength
  • Required shear friction reinforcement
  • Required steel to resist bending moment
  • Primary reinforcement
  • Minimum total area of closed stirrups parallel to primary tension reinforcement
  • Development length of primary reinforcement

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