Cable Analysis

It is important to have access to powerful catenary cable analysis software that can accurately manage the lack of moment/compression resistance and the resulting instability issues this causes when modeling. Thus, cable analysis is a key addition to our v2.1.0 software.

 structural cable analysis software

Cables are automatically accessible within the Structural 3D software. Use the advanced non-linear analysis to solve your structure with cables.

Import Load Combinations

You can now import load combinations from design codes directly to your structure! The time consuming process of matching coefficients to loads from a design code has been taken care of; now simply match load groups with load types and import the load combinations from design codes across the United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe. Additionally, users have the added benefit of assigning multiple load combinations when modeling structures.

 structural analysis load combinations

Let us know if there are any other load combinations you would like to see on this list! We hope this update improves your productivity by saving the time of manually entering these factors into the program.

Design Module AISC360

SkyCiv's first design check software, AISC 360, is the start of our movement towards design software. Users will now be able to analyze their models against design codes, ensuring they meet the requirements of their local design standards.

custom structural analysis AISC design

The software will automatically pick up the members and forces so you have nothing else to add! You can then review your results through a graphic and table output before exporting your report to a PDF. Design check softwares are included in the Professional package for a limited time only, so test the feature and let us know what you think!

Reporting Upgrade

You might notice that the reports are looking a little different upon the release.

custom structural analysis pdf reporting

Our PDF analysis report feature has received a speed and capacity upgrade. You can now generate your reports in half the time, while receiving the load combination results of each single member in a professionally formatted PDF or web page (HTML) report.

Sam Carigliano CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
Sam Carigliano
CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
BEng (Civil), BCom