Introducing: Section Design Software for Reinforced Concrete

SkyCiv General Section Designer (GSD) is a new concrete design software that allows users to calculate the section capacity of any shape, reinforcement pattern or combination of loads. This powerful, yet intuitive software is built on the SkyCiv Section Builder. For a limited time, this software is available for free with a Free SkyCiv Account:  

What does it do?

The SkyCiv General Section Designer allows you to quickly analyze and design reinforced concrete sections for multiple axial and bi-flexure loads. The software uses FEA to analyze your cross-sections to solve for moment, tension and compression capacities, stress strain contours and utility ratios. Users have full control over materials properties, however EN, AS and ACI material libraries are included. The software displays clear graphical results of the cross section, with an interactive Axial Force-Bending Moment Interaction Diagram that displays failure curves as a 3D surface. Results are summarized conveniently for quick assessment

User Interface and Input

Users familiar with other SkyCiv’s other products will recognize the easy-to-use and intuitive web based user interface. Adding custom shapes is quick and simple by adding points, poly lines or importing from an existing DXF file from the Section Builder. The Section Designer is integrated into the Section Builder software. To launch, click the Design button inside the navigation bar. From the menu on the right, you have all the options like materials, reinforcing position, loads and analysis at your fingertips.

Adding Reinforcement

Adding reinforcement is easy in SkyCiv, with simple click and plot features. Simply click inside the section to add a single bar or click twice to create a line of bars, or you can plot and adjust your reinforcement using the Rebar Coordinates table. The reinforcement is also tabulated for you to easily adjust the location and size of your reinforcement:
adding reinforcement to rc design software in skyciv


The module comes with clear output, with the following graphical results clearly displayed:
  1. Traffic light (green/yellow/red) Utility Ratio summary table
  2. Compression/Tension graphic profiles
  3. Stress/Strain results
  4. Adjustable M-M and N-M Interaction curves
m-n interaction curves in rc design software in skyciv
stress and strain contour of reinforced concrete design software
Click here if you'd like to learn more about the capabilities of the SkyCiv General Section Designer, otherwise try it for yourself (and our other software) by signing up to a free SkyCiv account