Since its first release last 2019, there have been numerous updates for the SkyCiv Foundation Design module. This year, we are excited to announce that a new and improved UI is now available on our platform. From the old 2D graphics, we upgraded to 3D for better visualization of the actual foundation layout. The user can adjust the foundation and column dimensions, soil height, groundwater, loads, and reinforcements and automatically see it on the 3D renderer. When running the solver, it also shows the soil pressure behavior for isolated and combined footings.

Foundation Design Update: 3D graphics and CSA code

Figure 1: Isolated Footing UI Sample

Similar 3D graphics can also be viewed on pile foundations. Same inputs plus the visibility settings where you can opt to show the reinforcement layout on piles. There is also an option to select the load combination you want to appear. For easier review of the substructure you are designing, a model summary data is also available on the upper left corner of the renderer.

Foundation Design Update: 3D graphics and CSA code

Figure 2: Piles UI Sample

As seen on the images above, the new interface is now divided into two containers, the left containing the input tabs and the right for the 3D renderer. Almost all the input labels remained the same from the old UI besides some new information tips. The renderer, on the other hand, projects a better three-dimensional figure for the foundation, columns, and soil. Users can set different views and toggle some options in the visibility setting to either hide or unhide some objects. Concrete opacity can also be modified to improve the image render of the foundation. Whatever the purpose is, this renderer surely improves the design presentation and user experience.

A few minor improvements on file access and the calculation report are also worth to be mentioned in this update. This includes faster access to existing projects through the modal popup which is seen directly after entering the foundation software and the inclusion of the maximum critical load combination on the load tabulation for shallow foundation design.

Lastly, another major update is the addition of the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) A23.3-14 code. This code has been one of the most requested design codes from our users. It targets to cater for the needs of Canadian engineers involved in foundation design. On this update, users can select either isolated or combined footing types. Like the previous design codes available, calculations for this new standard also include flexure, one-way and two-way shear, development length, and bearing strength checks.

Watch out for the CSA pile foundation design in our upcoming releases.


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