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voice recognition app in skyciv structural 3d

S3D Voice Recognition

Perform modelling actions with simple voice commands
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What's Possible with the S3D Voice Recognition

Simply hold 'V' down and start speaking

Perform a range of modelling functions quickly and easily at anytime, by holding the 'V' key:

  • Delete or add nodes, plates, supports and members
  • Highlight elements to easily identify particular members or nodes
  • Run operations like intersect members
  • Save and repair model
  • Select and hide elements or members
  • Plus more...

Some sample commands:

Action Example Command
Delete Node Delete Node 6
Add Node Add node at 0,0,0
Join Members Join members 3 and 4
Intersect Members Intersect Members 2 and 6
Undo Last Change Undo

Single Click Setup

SkyCiv Addons and Integrations are designed to be installed easily. The SkyCiv QR Code App can be installed with a single click in your account settings:

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