Design Concrete Elements Using Standalone RC Design

Learn how to design a concrete element using the Standalone RC Design Module offered by SkyCiv. We will see how to define members, rebar layouts, forces and many more.

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In the following tutorial, we will learn how to design a concrete element using the Standalone RC Design Module. We will define members, rebar layouts, forces, check reports and optimize our elements.

How to design a cold-formed steel

You have to open the RC Design Module from your SkyCiv dashboard and create a new project using the design code: ACI 318-19.


To create concrete elements, we need to go to Members, in that section we can add Beam / Columns for our design, for the purpose of this tutorial, we will use the two elements created by default. We can modify the length and effective length factors if needed.

Cold-formed steel design examples - member creation

RC Layouts

We can define a geometry for each of our members, in the case of beams we can select:

  • Rectangle
  • Tee shape

In the case of columns, we can choose between:

  • Rectangle
  • Solid Round

We can also define the dimensions for the members, the beam will have a height = 14 in, Width = 20 in, we will use the material properties obtained by default.

To create rebar layouts we can click on Add Long. Rebar Later or Add Shear Rebar Layer, we will add a top rebar layer at the ends of the beam as shown in the following image:

Cold-formed steel design - sections and materials

After we complete the layouts, we need to click on Save Layouts.


We can define forces for each of our members ( Ultimate Limit State Forces and Serviceability Limit State Forces ) we can achieve this by clicking on Add Check Point to put the desired forces as shown in the image.

Cold-formed steel building design AISI - loads assignment

After we defined the forces we can go to the graphs to check the Axial, Moments, and Shear diagrams.


After we defined our members and forces, go to Results > Check to obtain the design checks, we will see results for Sections and Members. The sections will show the results for all the sections which correspond to the Check Points defined in the previous chapter. If we select the member’s results, the software will use the worst cases of the section analysis to represent results for each member.

Design a cold-formed steel building - solving the model

We can open the reports to see all the calculations and validations for each section, we will see step by step all the hand calculations and the status for each verification.


We can optimize the sections reinforcement by clicking on Optimize. We could modify the predefined values, however, for this example we will use the values by default as shown in the image.

Optimization on Standalone RC Design

After we obtain the optimized reinforcement, we can click on OK to see all the results and calculations for our new optimized reinforcement.


After you run the Check, you can open the report for the column section and you’ll find the interaction diagram.

Directly on RC design, you can’t design plates, however, we have another module called Plate Design Module that is fully integrated with Structural 3D to design your plates.