Webinar: SkyCiv's Excel Plugin

Join us for a coffee (or beer!) as we take you through this 45min demo of the new SkyCiv-Excel Plugin

Thursday, 11th of March - 9am Sydney

Wednesday, 10th of March - 4pm CST

Excel, as an iconic spreadsheet software, is an essential tool in structural engineers' workflow. In structural engineering, the power of Excel, especially in conjunction with macros, is renowned for its accessibility, flexibility and computing power.

The SkyCiv-Excel Plugin breaks new ground in engineering software integration by providing users with a full suite of structural analysis and design tools from within Microsoft Excel.

Join Trevor Solie, Onboarding Engineer, and Steve Richardson, API Engineer at SkyCiv Engineering for our webinar, during which you will learn:

  • What can the SkyCiv-Excel plugin do?
  • How it can be used?
  • How to get started with the SkyCiv-Excel plugin


  • Introduction: 5 min
  • Content Demo: 25 min
  • Q&A: 10-15 min

Your Hosts

Trevor Solie
Trevor Solie
US Onboarding Engineer
Steve Richardson
Steve Richardson
API Engineer

Sorry you've missed this webinar. Not to worry, here's the recording!