Introduction of the AISI Catalog

What is AISI ?

AISI is the American Iron and Steel Institute and they impose standards on the usage of steel and iron sections in the engineering industry. The AISI catalog is a catalog containing different shape sections that follow a variety of standard dimensions that are approved by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). They specify a given set of dimensions for each section used. These dimensions are chosen with the aim to manufacture steel safely, easily as well as environmentally friendly

AISI and SkyCiv

Here at SkyCiv, we have integrated our existing section builder with the AISI Manual Cold-Formed Steel Design to better help our users who make use of the AISI steel and property catalogs. To access this, just head on over to our section builder and select a database. This is a new addition to our existing catalogs for Australia, Canada, British, European as well as the AISC American catalog.


The AISI Steel catalog serves as a base guideline for companies that do not wish to completely redesign shape sections. This catalog also gives companies some fundamental options on the type of dimensions used for the sections. As of today, a large number of companies already adhere to the AISI standards when it comes to the use of steel and now, SkyCiv has made it even easier for users to access and use this information to help them make a better decision when dealing with AISI Steel and its properties. Many steel manufacturers have the equipment to mass produce AISI standard steel sections as they are relatively easy to manufacture. Companies who then follow the AISI standard benefit from this as the steel sections have better availability compared to other custom steel sections.


Having the AISI steel and property catalog integrated into the sectional builder, our users have the ability to look up the desired shape in the catalog and find the needed sectional properties. We are one of the only few companies as of 2017 to digitize this catalog, making it easier for the public. 5 new templates were created to accompany this database including hat sections, lipped channels, lipped angles, Z-sections, and lipped Z-sections.