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Take advantage of the advanced and integrated SkyCiv platform to bring your reinforced concrete structure project from conception through construction.

Take advantage of the advanced and integrated SkyCiv platform to bring your reinforced concrete structure project from conception through construction.
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Developed by engineers. For engineers. Does it feel like your voice goes unheard? Users of the SkyCiv suite drive the majority of changes and additions to the platform. SkyCiv software developers all come from a structural engineering background, with the majority being previously consulting structural engineers.

Get started in 5 minutes, with no downloads. Thanks to operating from the cloud, SkyCiv releases updates almost bi-weekly, so no waiting for that spot on the calendar each year to get the latest and greatest. Grow accustomed to new features as they are released, rather than getting overwhelmed by a whole year of changes at once.

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Features that will accelerate your concrete structure's design
Integrated Section Properties
Modeling, FEA Analysis and Slab Design
Integrated Concrete Design Modules
Concrete Foundation Design
Concrete Section Properties

Fully Customizable and Integrated Section Properties

Whether its a database shape from one of the various country databases or a custom built shape using a variety of preset shapes. The Section Builder will use a full FEA analysis to obtain the section properties of single material or composite sections. Have a section drawn as a DXF? Directly import that shape into Section Builder to analyze. All shapes used in the Section Builder are directly integratable with the SkyCiv analysis modules.

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SkyCiv Fea Analysis

Full Featured Modeling Tools and FEA Analysis

SkyCiv Structural 3D is easy to pick up and use immediately -- don’t waste weeks of your time learning other software. The streamlined user interface gives you all the modeling power, without the headaches of congested toolbars or menus. Take advantage of the various modeling tools that make generating any type of structural concrete model a breeze.

With SkyCiv’s FEA solver, run your structural model using the following analysis methods:

  • Linear Static
  • Buckling Analysis
  • P-Delta Analysis
  • Dynamic Frequency
  • Response Spectrum
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Integrated Reinforced Concrete Design Module with Exportable and Detailed Design Reports

When your concrete structural model is complete, import it and the analytical results directly into the Member Design module to run full design checks in accordance with a variety of building codes including:

  • ACI 318-14
  • Eurocode 2 (ENV 1992-1-1 :1991)
  • BS 8110-1997
  • AS 3600-2018
  • CSA A23.3-14

Enforcing the same “ease-of-use” methodology, the Reinforced Concrete Design module allows you to customize member design characteristics, view forces and checkpoints, and boasts an easy rebar layout tool. The design results are succinctly shown to the user. To further investigate any member, look at the individual member’s design report containing all of the hand calculations and other pertinent information, then export it as a PDF or HTML document. Use these reports as deliverables in your structural calc packages.

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SkyCiv Foundation Design

Finish your Reinforced Concrete Project with Foundations

Continue the design process of your concrete building or structure with the SkyCiv Foundation Design Module. Whether your project isolated footings, combined footings, or piles, SkyCiv has you covered. Follow the linear input style found in other SkyCiv modules to streamline the process and save time. SkyCiv Foundation Design supports the following building codes:

  • AISC 318-14
  • AS3600-2009
  • AS2159-2009

View the extensive hand calculations of the design to verify your inputs and abolish the blackbox. Each calculation references the pertaining code item, making it easy to backcheck your results. Export the detailed calculation report to be used as a deliverable or in a calculation package.

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3rd-Party File Import Support

Get a headstart on your structural steel model using the various supported 3rd-party file types such as:

  • Revit (.RVT)
  • .DWG
  • .DXF
  • .CSV
  • Others in development!

With correctly formatted 3rd-party files, the majority of the modeling of your 3D steel structure can be completed, including material properties and section properties.

SkyCiv Collaboration

Intuitive Collaboration and Support

With the online connectivity of the SkyCiv platform, share project files with your engineering team for constant collaboration throughout the project. Take advantage of the Live Chat feature and share your project with the SkyCiv team directly to get immediate feedback like you haven’t with other structural engineering software.

With Version History, keep track of changes made to the structural model with annotated comments. If errors are made, revert your model to any previously saved version. Monitor issues associated with projects using 3rd party apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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Want Automated Functionality?

Are you a structural engineering business leader looking for automated analysis or design functionality that can drastically help your business? Are you currently a structural engineer that is familiar with JavaScript? Our Structural Engineering API customers are reaping the benefits of this new technology in the structural engineering industry. If this sounds interesting to you, inquire about the use of the SkyCiv API, which supports the majority of functions available through the platform version of the SkyCiv suite.

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